250,000 Gold Winning Lottery Scratch Card Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

250,000 Gold UK National lottery winning scratch card.

hi here’s another scratchcard video for you it’s got four games on and on the first game we’re just sticking for little diamond here say let’s see if it’s a winner Oh safe oh we’ve got a win there little diamond but we’ll come back and see how much won in a minute Carol scratching wallet a a bank a little ring and we have a bundle right so go win on that we’ll come back to that in a minute all right we’re going for the next one game we’re looking for 20 and we’ve got 16 so that’s not a winner here we’re looking for money back and we’ve got a pot of gold now that’s not a winner okay the last game with matching three amounts okay so got five pound Oh 200 Oh another 200 I’ll be nice five thousand two hundred fifty thousand and nine not winner there all right let’s go back to Game one and find out how much we’ve won here let’s see just a little a pound of them I guess I get my money back on that one anyway thank you for watching see you soon bye.


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