2016 Jewel 7S Winner & Instant Lotto 2Nd Edition Scratch Card / Scratchies Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

2 LOTS OF JEWEL 7’s 2 Scratch Cards & 1 Instant Lotto Instant. . .

after getting one come back on my last five and worth let’s agree to any database we three are five on where the scratchcards guru seven double a and choices to win the odds of winning on this one one in 4.2 ER until we can find that magical and the seven so i can do wash right away magic number seven we have a winner that’s going to be at least two palma got 7 pounds 10 57 pounds we got a lucky seven there i’d start 2016 with big wind let’s see how we do on this one no dude on that one see what we were tougher two pounds a two pound back twice as good as last time the instant lottery second edition first mission so good thing for the blue alphaville one of the ballpoint want to chance of winning go to the garden or the lottery let’s see our numbers do we choose me talk to them none 772 pounds and we belong is the bunt so just to phone by today better than last week. .

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