20$ Cash Frenzy Hoosier Lotto Scratch Card Losing With The Gopro Hero 4 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Lost – Damn.

morning friends I’ve got the frenzied value book six games in one looking for the cash frenzy coins or several other things alright started with the lucky numbers matches on the first no matches on a second no matches on the third there’s a coin it’s always nice to have the coins pop up to those or 20 hours i believe so we don’t have any winners yet we’re winning numbers Game two matching your prize amount to any lucky mountains 100 or 40 take either of those anytime unfortunately none of a match here and we confer to like symbols some that go a lil winning numbers matching numbers I guess dan to L so far Harry came on match three like 10 came to looking for the money clip or five times game 3 bo3 like symbols mm ooh my last pages here this particular sevens looking four sevens two or three times bills why have a lot of those already money clip doesn’t do any good now no sevens no two or three times this thing makes arrest I know he’s a peets match any of your prize amount so lucky prize amount win that mouth twenty hundred twenty five or 250,000 it’d be awesome no matches realty like symbols nope you’re winning symbols last game last chance at a billion dollars lightning bolt ice cream strawberry so twenty dollar donation I just look at it as they’re holding my money until i win so there you have it lost for this thursday morning i’ll try to get another one for tomorrow have a nice day.


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