2 Winners In 1 Day? Hoosier Lottery Scratch Card Live Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION

hey oh my scratch or friends so it’s still friday i went and traded that a ticket in at lunch grab this cash frenzy book from a gas station i’ve never been to so let’s get right at it first game we’re looking for lucky numbers or a star symbol anybody have any big plans this weekend just go ahead and comment them down in the comment section let me know what you’re doing he’s interested thank you no letters on the first page second page first game looking for a hundred 100 symbol to win $100 automatically or match our numbers just a coin need two coins to win twenty dollars more coins you get better 2596 I 728 that’s always sometimes a good thing and then you get to 29 15 17 and 21 oh I kind i’m not a good came to match any of your mounts to the prize mouth 20mm a 501 five dollars and since this ticket cost twenty dollars i know there’s more winners to come you’re not going to win five dollars on twenty dollar ticket if you two like symbols win prize revealed 31 double looking for a double money sign or a big I don’t I don’t know what that is it looks like a CD case like one of spindles of CDs to me but hopefully we win more than the 20 back that’d be awesome for maybe they just put that five in there to make it an even number hmm 535 welcome on that page game 1 match three like amounts went at him out came to looking for a money clip or five times symbol game 3 Kirby 03 like cymbals win the prize spectacular sevens find a seven seven two times to win double three times to win triple and since I don’t trust a flattering i scratch the prizes on this because i think gold bars could be in there i’m not sure why not go bars but gold coins lucky prize the mountains match any of your prize amounts to lucky praise my way down a mountain just it this way this time 50 2,200 and there’s 20 in 20 looks like we’re gonna have a $25 winner real to like prizes if you like symbols one prize so we’re looking for a pear orange or apple pear orange apple strawberry nope so we do have a $25 later so earlier today I won the twenty dollars on a ten dollar ticket this one I just won $25 on the 20 tickets so not as big as a result as I’d like five and five twenty twenty as almost can almost guess on what they were doing figured it would win on that anyway hope you guys have a fantastic weekend take care bye.


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