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Do I win? Stay tuned to find out. . .

hey everybody is josh here in Florida bringing you another scratch off so this is the aces and eights two dollar ticket from the florida lottery this is a real legit ticket you have to either match any of your cards to your winning numbers or if you get an eight you win double the price shown or if you get an ace you win all ten prizes I scratched my to winning numbers up top but I figured I’d record and let’s see what we get hopefully if anything teen note 5 clean 925 for king and last one’s going to be a winner a note no okay so no winner but this is a like I said two dollar ticket and they’re not frequent winners in there but I’ve won a couple good prizes on this one so far couple $20 winners so uh yeah that’s the aces in eight ticket and subscribe for more scratch off videos my next one is going to be the 250 thousand dollar crossword it’s a five dollar ticket and I’ve got two of those I’m not going to scratch them right now but stay tuned and subscribe to see what I won once again this is josh here in gainesville florida and thanks for watching bye bye.


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