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hello this is Pat O’Connor and I have a major important announcement this is major for the first time in almost 40 years to critical property tax deadlines in Texas are changing with little announcement what I’ve talked to people only 1% or less are aware of this so number one the property tax protest deadlines going forward will be May 15 instead of May 30th or 31st so this is a large change you need to make sure all your properties are protested as of May 15th the second one is a rendition deadline the rendition deadline went from April 15th to April 1st and people are not aware of it so if you need to render you need to render or request that extension by April 1st if you don’t you may have to pay the 10% rendition penalty which can be a large amount 10% of all the property taxes that you pay on personal property read the word let your friends know that the property tax deadline the most important one for most people is May 15th that’s May 15th serving a 2018 that is the deadline to file a property tax protest deadline and of course always protest both market value and unequal appraisal.


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