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Watch and see if I win

a stretch guy here with a hundred times multiplier well it’s a ten dollar scratch ticket that has 12 1 million dollar prizes the one hundred thousand dollar fries a million dollar prize I can only win it with a one time multiplier but anything else is very game hmm here’s 100 prizes of ten thousand dollars there is seven games in one two three four five six seven in this section if I match the numbers up here you know what either one of these rows i can multiply it with the corresponding you might multiplier at the bottom of each row okay so here’s my numbers okay Game one not your multiplayer here with them two times 30 no 13 on your son or even a hundred times no 40th no suit standing no 41 melt apart again in five times thirteen 739 multiply one time los 142 nothing there 18 nothing very sunny muffins awesome three nothing multiplier 10 ok nothing there so let’s see the last two games here I guess I got a match three nothing there nothing there well no big surprises today I hope you’ll subscribe and please check out my other videos place eggs off thanks for watching.


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