100,000,000 Cash Spectacular Winner Or Loser? 5 Scratch Card Best Chance Of Winning Yet! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Supposedly the best chance ever of winning a fiver!.

hi everybody it’s me again today is Valentine’s Day and to be honest I’m quite disappointed today I didn’t get one single card through the door and after doing all the scratch card videos I thought I might get something through the door so if you listen in Big Dave there’s still time even if you do it tomorrow at least you’ll get one cheap from the shop when you today cheers Big Dave right today we’ve got the hundred million cash spectacular a five pound scratch card the odds are win in a one in three point four or five so I’ve got a good chance of winning today let’s earn scratch off the lucky numbers and see what my winning numbers are going to be today 7 13 9 27 and 24 this is the best add a chance of winning five pounds but you’ve already see me win a lot on the other video so i think i had the best ever chance on that one to be honest but there’s more than a hundred million prizes to be won so let’s have a lot what we could wear sorry about that in the excitement I knocked over the camera let’s see what we can win no good so far so my best chance of ever winning is actually narrowed down the little gun you got a third left a third of a chance left of my five pounds to win a bra he’s my best ever chance will it happen 15 no a no 10 no 11 no and finally to know not a bean not a bean it’s not my lucky day not happy at all and if you’re listening big day this doesn’t make it any better for me it’s just even worse.


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