$1,000,000 Gold Rush Georgia Lottery Scratch Off Video

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Pretty self explanatory . .

hey guys gonna be doing a scratch off ticket today you know the deal with these but let’s go ahead and read the bottom for anyone that’s not on the same page match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers when prize shown for that number get a 10x symbol instantly when ten times the price known for that symbol get a money symbol instantly when all twenty prizes shown so you know the deal with these and this is called the million dollar gold rush it’s a brand new scratch off game from the Georgia Lottery came out on the 25th of June so it’s been around for about a month now and websites are showing that only one of six main prizes have been claimed so you know your odds obviously are never great with these but when five of the six main prizes are still out there it’s a little better than you know three or two or one of the main prizes being left so let’s go ahead and get started the way I like to scratch off these games might be a little bit different than you I like to go ahead and scratch off all the numbers and the prizes first of all to make sure that we don’t have any of the 10x symbols or the cash symbols and then also you can check and look for patterns in the prizes if you notice a lot of fobs particularly if all of them are five dollar amounts there’s a pretty good chance that you might win all 20 prizes but I guess you would see the cash symbol for that but you start seeing a lot of fives you might have in and you see like a bunch of 17 and 30 twos then you’re also gonna you know chances are you’ve probably got a 17 and a 32 up there so that’s just the way I like to do it but let’s go ahead and get started on this we’ve got 34 31 29 and 28 last but not least for the first row we have a 33 just go ahead see you all that got a 15 a 22 a five a twenty one a 4 a 1 to 24 27 and 14 so then for our last row we’ve got 36 1943 and 35 so pair these up and if my memory serves me correct it looks like you don’t have any duplicate numbers so I’m assuming there’s no big wins going on here but we’ll go ahead we also we got none of the 10x symbols none of the cash symbols so no big wins but let’s go ahead and see if we have any matching winning numbers first one is 18 don’t remember any 18s on there okay just on our second number is 30 looking like we don’t have any 30 0 you’ve got a 9 don’t remember any nines 20 no 20s 37 got a 36 and a 35 but no 37 and 16 so it’s looking like we didn’t win anything with this ticket thanks for watching guys I’ll go ahead and do another one of these and a little bit.


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