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100,000 Purple Naional lottery scratch card – Check it out ;-).

hello has a new national lottery sketch card it’s the apparently limited edition purple 100,000 pounds same as before match free in there to win they’ve got this little bonus game here where if you see this money logo and then you win one of the prizes and it’s a pattern scratch card and as we all know most these don’t win the odds appear to have reduced easy that their that’s one in 4.77 so now they’ve improved from one in 4. 77 down to one in 4. 57 lots of different prizes there one panty pound fry pound 10 20 50 100 1000 5000 and 100,000 and they are new their new out I’ve been waiting please to come out for a few days now they’ve been on the website for a while and theory is that the new cards they tend to release a few winners I’ve only bought one of them really I should have bought five but after my disastrous Christmas run my Secret Santa scratch card series you probably see why I’m not looking to spend much money on these at the moment but let’s give it a quick go and hopefully we’ll get a bit of money back on 2,000 pounds with a nice keep the girlfriend happy do check out our channel as well because she’s getting quite a few likes at the moment and watches on her videos and let’s give it a quick scratch and see what happens so they’ll go for the bonus game first of all and sadly we’ve got a gold bar there and not a cash symbol so that’s nuttall winner on that one they completely go through this what are we going to have in the first three rows one thousand one hundred thousand one hundred pounds i doing bits match free to win so there’s 100 there’s a 100,000 and there’s a 50 so just show you that so there you go there so we’ve now got to 100 to 100,000 1000 + 150 so ideally I’d like to see another one of these and of one of the hundred thousands or one of the 100 and that’s why not what happens okay so that’s a 5000 so we don’t need that second to last amount is 1000 so now hopefully this one down here is either going to be 100 pounds 100,000 pounds or 1000 pounds there’s a bit of scratch and see what happens it’s going to be so there we go the result of this one as you can see that is that unfortunately we haven’t much free the same in a bit excited with those two one hundred thousands there and then we have two thousand to one hundred and it was a 15 25 and a gold bar down there so unfortunately no in this time on the brand new purple scratch card that’s a pound wasted but you never know there’s always tonight’s UK National Lottery which is out soon but I’ll see a lot load this video probably a few days afterwards but anyway thanks for watching please thumbs up as I’m sure most of my regulars all you do if you haven’t please do subscribe check out the 100 scratch card challenge video we’ve done 150,000 views on that one now something then try and push that towards 200,000 and if anyone ever does get any of these cards at winn please do take a photo and upload it or drop me an email by because I’d like to see one of these big cards win all right guys girls take care bye. .

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