$1000 Lottery Scratch Card Challenge ! (We Won!!!) Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Lottery Scratch Card Challenge ! (WE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀

Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing video! playlist 5 MODS playlist SONG:.

yeah you guys want to share the winnings leader you sound like button yeah hit that like button let go 50,000 likes we might get $50,000 I have a chance of winning there is like one in a bazillion but I feel like here in idolan we’re pretty lucky guys we docked it maybe I shouldn’t have spent all the doors tasked with running on diesel so guys as I extracted crap of a lost rat hard at 6 feet maybe I can like buy better speech awesome as I extract and also be answering some Q&A questions from you guys that are money related seconds painting the scheme of the videos and I actually never really bought lottery tickets before this and we’re put up in the table of scratches so I got this idea I got a baking tray I got a date picture now we can stuff now success okay so it’s all a dud let your culture from what I understood Google Translate to just ask my boyfriend is that I have to get the same years here and then I win unless I see 24 karat thing and I wait all of it so this factors like two seconds of my words already hurts Danny the first one is not a win I don’t think like I some numbers are staying around the car but I think the thing is is same in the same row so I’m wrong let me know in the comments in that case I won money oh wait I can I did win money I did I did the key to 34th year nice I want five years are the cause of this decision so I want the cause of the ticket back awesome I’m not a millionaire yet but people you so will answer the first question how much money you make from well I can’t action stage because of the Terms of Service but I make enough to like he was comfortably and what I design is comfortably no this is my friend thank you okay sorry haha sighs I got field when CPM is low my first crack sorry one $5 I think can you come look at us as I said on understand because things here and here I win right yeah oh my god you on $5 Isis carbon I mean you’re pretty much a jury right keep on scratching everything one day only able to Liam’s good know how I can reach backing the next card is that all of these numbers seem to just mission max card so it takes the numbers and this little bit on that one mmm work okay this one is not so far we haven’t won anything let’s keep on scratching that’s keep on scratching damage didn’t get anything in the first row come on second row second row I know you lucky make us the second row yeah yeah third room get it I guess the person was still lucky lucky first card now something gets you I mean how would they have known that I was going to guess the first one I don’t know track cars are built on wit winnings they’re built on losses Kisa I ask if you are a billionaire what would you spend your money on when and why by the way I love your videos by the way love your face what would I spend my money on I would miss couple categories as my money the first one is investing in my future I’m making sure that me and Joey are good me and my children I don’t have told her yet but about future children like making sure they can get a proper education and making sure that like I have some real estate of stuff sort of somebody can make money for itself the second thing I would do is I would give some money to my family I would buy my parents a house and make sure that all their debts are paid off and make sure my sister is set for the rest of her life the third thing I would do is I would invest it into my channel and make sure the production values better make sure there’s a lot more cool things available for you guys Thursday the fourth thing that I would do if I was given a billion dollars is way too much money for one person like no single human can spend that much money like without being very gluttonous so I would definitely donate all opportunities and things that I believe in and then the last thing I would use as I see in excellence bananas oh bananas in the world and you guys are like those bananas are going to go rotten ivy and I’m like I know don’t take the dream away from me something that I want to do okay I want to have my banana cave and you all live in it first round here’s a buck thank you go out come on come on that was so fun one number one number up what do you do I’m dude is all wrong I’m is hard I wanna I want a million on all of these I don’t think you can win a million of these American candy so Jack my bandages can be so jacked no dirty drawing time you know we never scratch my research up with the wings of you okay Thank You Vicker for real er you don’t I didn’t win any either what is this okay guys I didn’t win anything on the first row and we’re going to keep going to the second oh there’s a for both of them but so the key need to imagine is of winning dirty teeth news you can achieve this what I to do with anything either Kevin next question would you rather cut off all your hair for carriers give all your money to charity I don’t give in my hair your charity wouldn’t do anybody in you would give up money to charity with your loveable youth right great yes which five thousand one hundred thousand 100 German sorry make a mistake that’s a big mistake to make no I got lucky my first Canadian anything they see the majority we are this is the next one yeah keeps backing board once again do anything I want and why don’t you in what are you doing yeah fine high five high god I’m your son guy see I don’t know if I can see you you guys I want to hear it was deep I want anything how do people find your son there’s no painful fortieth so much a building anyway I’m do down didn’t win waste of money let me get you it’s easy with a five next look you word if I might I’d inviting user on tap on that money very taboo survive you know the woods or like we need you and we need you to remember we now burger over door okay it’s acid you had as much money as your phone number how much money would you have your golfing in there I was give you guys my call number it can be anything um in any distinguished yeah I thought it had to be in the same room padam y’all attacked me oh my god oh my god make you actually did win more I notice in every one another five year off yeah I want I want I want me see you no way yeah okay look be senior you sure you check validate can you never talk in for me to them drive over here yeah another time Oh 10 yeah they make it hard too hard you could win and miss it yeah miss lane money I see it might sell where but if you need some oh yeah I’m happy my cell we’re but I need some money can you pour me some police if I think you have plenty of it you need the money was wrong as the law after you now I can’t send money but I can send you virtual plug which is actually better than money because money comes and goes the virtual hugs are forever unless you just leave I’m here just sewing money Joe Jordy so what are you going to do is fascinating that we went and I have another one no no no I’m I don’t even think I can turn these in because I think I have to be Dutch resident now you’re fine I’m fine make big L’s I turn them in yeah the new center run off with the money I’ll never see him again we’re on here Jordi in your evil plan Oh makes me nauseous you know I work so much I’m pretty used to it I want my money and my money I’m gonna go how much one Europe I want a refund on this even even getting a refund I you didn’t we’ve been waiting money money your is that a year a ragbag disrespect hey I don’t want the euro I’d rather not have it oh there’s two winning on this one oh I think this is a point for for you know maybe a piece maybe if maybe there’s a fish maybe there’s a Santa Sybase lens’s on purpose oh no no bids on a surprise Europe I never want to give you more than this ticket this is the winning yeah wait wait that’s a lot wonderful awesome okay this is me we need to make them up sound cool and epic okay I describe to last and the last one is the one that’s going to be it’s going to be easy but nothing again Elsie Ozzy this is the man log no magic card must fingers hurt thank you good for cleaning I am asking the subjects open the first ones are a city boy before 49 49 1111 pa pa okay no no no no no oh my god no way how much is it how much is it oh my nose you didn’t find what are we going to do with it I own you know yeah yeah oh okay what do we do okay so up until 500 euros you can go to nothing we can make 5,000 euros we can may look at them and all our prizes over 5,000 euros please call undamaged please check it with some damage we have to start with the column straight whether the barrels and depending here it says it here with the call with my pot have you seen my phone I’ll be right back we’re gonna sell you any muscle cuz they’ll have like a camera oh really it’s pretty cool when you wanna go home one second yes tomorrow yes I didn’t read out the ticket number one more time as in words the ticket where’d you put it I put it here on the table well you find it was their agent came i doing can search olives and again Jori Jori Jori great one what’s up what’s up what’s up ah you sure that’s right that’s right you want the cat it’s time at least you feel me toward the boyfriend thank you have you so you’re not anymore.


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