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what’s up my friends starting the day off giving Clifford an oil change serves it needs an oil change cooking a lot why we talked to her we talked about our truck like it’s a human being the biggest baby you’ve ever had no that’s you oh there is nothing worse than losing your wallet right now literally I just had it now it’s nowhere to be found it’s like a crime scene in here see under this I looked under the seat from here here’s your little doggie bag one thing I love about that place is we go in and they just give us a brand new this this 4runner is a 2015 it’s got five miles on it it’s got five miles on it we’re gonna borrow it while they work on our truck and we’re doing today here get out of your purse I don’t know if they’ve Wow they’ve seen what this looks like this is crazy yeah yeah you guys you guys ever seen $1,000 looks like that’s it right there nothing to it just a couple pieces of paper at least we can do is put gas in it for them you know I mean we’re gonna fill it up we’re going to make right and here’s the thing guys let me fill you in for people that didn’t watch yesterday’s vlog we did it I challenged you guys if the vlog got 50,000 likes we would do the lottery challenge today we’ve brought in $1,000 cash with us we’re gonna buy lottery tickets from all over the city random ones and then we’re gonna do the challenge for you guys guess how much money we’re going to end up with after we’ve scratched them all off I haven’t come up with my number yet I still don’t know you sit 400 it’s probably not a bad guess I have no idea I’m still thinking about all right guys we’re about to purchase our first lottery ticket I’ve ever bought hey either one of us has ever bought this would be the first time you don’t even know what to ask but I don’t even know ask a lottery ticket hi man we’ve never bought a lottery ticket before we have 200 bucks okay we need to get lottery tickets what can you recommend on what you want to say we I don’t know give us the best that’s how you do it right let’s see what you get for $200 I don’t know there’s two of our ten 100’s it’s actually a lot more than I thought that’s a lot okay I have a feeling that we’re gonna have way too many it’s gonna take a whole day to scratch all these this is only 20% of the thousand how many tickets you should do bigger Emmett I don’t know it’s like a friggin puzzle I don’t know if you can you’re probably gonna mess so many of these up because we didn’t read it right look at all the instructions I guess it’s probably common sense well there wasn’t not just sunny it was just this Sun still there there these are complicated all right next up it’s freakin nasty just like a big mix of the big ones well I’ll tell you what money doesn’t go far playing the lottery that’s what I got four hundred dollars that’s 400 bucks for Pete paper that’s paper dude I had to get I had to spend more because it’s gonna take all like look how many so I did big ones like these are 20 20 $30 for that ticket and then all of these I mean this is gonna be a huge so where are you doing the smart thing well this is exciting we are just running gas station to gas station buying lottery tickets I don’t know we went from never buying a ticket in our life to buying stacks of tickets this could turn into a terrible addiction is it common for people to come in here and spend 400 bucks on lottery tickets it’s not that is it that’s $1,000 with the lotto so we only did 200 at one gas station 400 at one gas station 400 at one gas three different gas stations we were gonna do a lot more but it’s just there’s no way I mean they even said it’s not common for people to spend that so I figured with businesses you buy a bunch and like put them in like company cards and stuff I love you what you do with lottery tickets all right we’re gonna give the truck back things nice I love it here’s our truck it’s all done nice we just jumped inside to eat real quick chips nachos some the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen what is this really it’s tiny chicken bring her front she split my side that side she took that’s how we eat chicken fingers fries you see that Ramin making fun of all the songs although I have like downloaded not actually like this song I like these songs no Jews can tell ya I saw me you just hate cuz I saw exactly Eddi okay that’s alright since we’re on the topic of music we should get some things out of the way because everybody always asks what’s your favorite your favorite music ok I’m gonna list mine because I’ve seen it and I listed all the time Eminem probably number one I’ve listened to that more than anybody Hollywood Undead love them I’ve been listening to them like when I was passion that’s all I was a Hollywood Undead Avenged Sevenfold and then just a lot of country music now I don’t listen to that but yeah I was listening to faint though yesterday anyone remember don’tdon’t ah hey hey hey what’s up in the in the atwood house let me see buddy oh man that’s your first real boo boo yeah you got this at the pool yesterday fell so hard at the pool you know what though your body’s gonna heal it all by itself it’s just gonna go away like a superhero and it’ll be gone and then you’ll be like where’d my booboo go mommy got it came the best the best six dollar bow and arrow have you tried to shoot the arrows have you tried to shoot them yeah is this what six bucks gets you right here window window toys he’s a superhero world right now he’s probably climbing skyscrapers wait time I turn around got a new outfit on tell us where he is no one gets hurt I don’t want no trouble look I was just I was just doing my job not the suction dart to tell us where he is and no one gets hurt yeah mmm hmm no mercy you take me out the second I know it as soon as I give you the info you’re gonna kill me ah so hard did you get him Batman yeah yeah oh no he needs recharge Electric is always ready he’s recharged and ready to go so guys just in case you want to know what a thousand dollars of lottery tickets look like this is it right here thousand dollars cash today we spent on lottery tickets we went from never buying a lottery ticket in our life to buying a thousand dollars worth but I think it’s for a cool cause to create a new video and to create a new challenge the challenge is for all of us including you you’re gonna comment how much money are we gonna end up with when we’ve scratched all the tickets every single one of these it just doesn’t look like much does it I mean that’s a lot to scratch but no but when you start adding them up I mean these are 30 a pop 30 30 30 30 20 20 100 $100 right there maybe I should take a picture anyway guys so here’s how the challenge is gonna work before I make the challenge video if we make anything above $1,000 we’ll donate it what I don’t know to what but we’ve donated we’ll do something fun with the money that’s that’s out of a good cause anything below a thousand we keep to pay back the video we just spent up that but I think this is a cool one this is gonna be fun so yeah it’s gonna be cool it’s a challenge for all of us tell me in the comments today how much money we’re gonna end up with at the in this video we’re gonna get it going we’re gonna shoot this to me a lot of fun and that’s about it we will see you tomorrow I’m gonna end it right now Britney sorting and having fun yeah I’ll take a picture for something Twitty tweety tweeting Twitter tweeting that’s pretty cool we love you guys we will see you tomorrow this is gonna be a lot of fun I expect this challenge video to go up very soon and yeah so here we go I’m gonna actually my guess in the actual challenge video I’m not going to put it out there yet but I think it’s gonna be much I think we’re gonna I think we’re gonna lose big get off the table oh it’s so funny I love this you you look crazy alright small more guys we love you we’ll see you tomorrow my Go.Pro just pull off did it fall don’t think so I think it did. .

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