10 X 250,000 Red Online National Lottery Scratchcards Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

10 x 250,000 Red Online National Lottery Scratchcards.

welcome to this videos so the objective to today’s game is I’m going to be doing a 10 off the 250,000 pounds read online scratch card games from their national lottery now I’ve got 20 pounds in the pot and the deal is if I can reach 10 pounds or more as in returns I will do a online scratch cards video afterwards so let’s see what can and by the way I apologize for the poor quality of the videos that I made yesterday I’ve been trying out a new movie converter and I didn’t get the settings right so I do apologize on that this is sort of a makeup for the poor qualities so thanks for watching and it’s COP make any money alright 20 pounds and happy bank holiday by the ways but I think on a day weekends now if you’re not working right then can let’s make some money 100 pounds would be nice that is father yep good start in the make it double G pounds that’s good start okay I made sure the phone is turned off today so I can’t get any interruptions oh that sneaky sneaky 1,000 pound pies shame actually that was made a wicked video I won 5,000 pounds online you can bear to hear my reactions of it so this is the third game do differently this time let’s go here yeah I’m on be a teller or something oh these are something I prefer doing it the former match free then the the money bag icon and then the diamonds I prefer glee in that way I’ve got a back to doing it that way I don’t know this is oh that’s more like the more likely outcome seeing parents anymore I make it a tenant know about two pounds is two pounds 18 okay so I’m powerful I think yes I’m yes that’s right yeah I’m halfway through now six pounds okay ten pounds left to play with right and suddenly spewing up to two pounds to basement like a diamonds nice chunks nope okay so football cards to go for all games I’d be amazed if I should get a year ten pounds back the way it’s looking being five come on ah freak I’m not really keen on these games up because there’s a brand new one online I just prefer the new ones more than anything I’ve got three ball goes to go they’ve all carts doesn’t it like if I’m gonna make a video after this but I see a few happens or want me that oh that would be lovely 250,000 pounds online would be the first for video right okay so I got ya to me to go sorry I need some winners mouth good listen to me come on a full card nice the full counts that’s the highest is being so far so we’ve got a video afterwards at least anyway 25 grand okie dokie so I believe about 12 pounds back out and only our mum will go I’m not sure it’s 10 or not that chair let’s go for one more game let’s take the traditional way this time game one and work my way this is the last card by the way won’t be that cheap and sweet right thank you for watching this video I will upload this in this quality so you can watch it clearly yeah and we make my is cracked card video in a minute and from now okay thanks for watching and bye for now.


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