$10 “Millionnaire” French Scratchcard Winner! Francaise Des Jeux Iliko Millionnaire! Video

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In this video we scratch a scratch off from the French Lottery called “MILLIONNAIRE” . Find out if we have a huge scratch off winner, a big scratch off winner, or no scratch off winners..

when he’s second Saturday one day after Tyler’s birthday he was one yesterday everybody’s getting older I feel like I’m 60 my oh my I’ll be 40 soon 40 going on 60 all right so we have a French ticket the $10 scratch off millionaire went up to 1 million euros again thanks to a neighbor Paul whose wife is French Cristal and they fly over there every summer I spent about a month over there he was nice enough to cash in my other French ticket to get me two of these French scratch off tickets so we will go after it numerals could con taste that those are the winning numbers and votes números I believe are our numbers game to appear yeah I get three stars twin from a hundred to a million so let’s do game through first let’s scratch the wheel here and sit what’s off Alfred on this wheel prefer don’t they I want that code of access account there’s a star diamond there is a stack of coins and I’ll force you so I don’t believe that was anything I think we need to uncover three stars and that so we didn’t do that now we’re gonna go on to these numbers down below interesting that they put the winning numbers down here 18 22 43 53 and 27 let’s see if we can pull out one of those numbers down below 51 3 3850 231 537 2700 there we go there’s a winner winner winner French dinner 33 26 1619 147 27 probably least number from one the 3rd have no association with 27 whatsoever one that’d be ironic if we pulled a nice winner out of that 12 36 7 eleven 4 20 428 41 17 9 give this back that money go back next year maybe they go down to the holidays we’ll see to 24 and 40 so we matched number 27 right there up top 27 with the 27 Oh a ton of you have gone to the website WWE fans even a calm no I apologize it’s not open to people in France just the US and Canada but by signing up and depositing just five bucks on the website you’re gonna get yourself a free $20 entry into the millionaire maker contest and the top prize is not 1 million it is now 2 million dollars second prize is one knowing your best odds of ever winning life changing money or not with scratch offs they’re not watching me scratch scratch up tickets for all you that say you hate these commercials i jam it down your throat you know what I could tell you but it’s Saturday I’m not gonna say anything rude but I want you to win money and the best shot of you winning money is not by playing scratch offs or watching me scratch scratch off ticket by getting the website signing up depositing just five bucks they’re gonna give you then a free $20 entry another free $3.00 entry into another contest it’s like going to 7 eleven giving them five bucks and getting 28 worth of scratch off tickets back you’d be an absolutely dope not to take advantage it so gates on the website sign up the pasta five make sure you go to my website not the corporate website if you go to the corporate website you won’t get the refer a friend link if you’ve gone the website and created a username now’s the time get their deposit five bucks get free entry to that contest need help send me an email daily fantasy winnings at gmail. com if you’ve already signed up and lost money then sign up your brother sign up your husband set up your neighbor get them to your refer friend link that way you can earn a free ticket and they also get a free ticket doesn’t that sound special that’s why we pump it so much because it’s a tremendous value bunch of U of 100s some of you of 1000s I want to see you win seven figures I’d like to see me win seven figure euros right here as we scratch number 27 let’s see more than tip let’s see more than ten twenty twenty euro winner so mr. Paul you’re gonna get this back and next time you go to France cuz I don’t think I’m going anytime soon hopefully you could hook me up with two more of these we have some Florida scratch off tickets will probably be collecting this weekend and we’ll do that early next week and then we’ll see what we stand hopefully gotta get to Michigan soon and catch that big Michigan winner we had the other day and when I say big winner it’s all relative some people winning 200 bucks is would be life changing money some people winning 200 bucks is nothing so for the people that say there’s not no it’s not a huge winner listen it’s all relative go sit on a flagpole if you like the flag if you know what I’m saying in any event I hope everybody has a great weekend please like please subscribe please dislike please do subscribe if you must but until then we will always of course keep on scratching. .

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