Man Buys Lotto Ticket On A Whim, Wins $1 Million

A convenience store in San Jose sold a $1 million lotto ticket when a man came in and bought the ticket on a whim, according to California Lottery officials.

Vincent Anchondo bought a $10 California Black Premium Scratchers ticket at the Rotten Robbie store at 1304 Piedmont Road in which he won a free ticket, so he turned it in to redeem the offer. The second Scratchers ticket he was given, a $10 Holiday Magic scratcher, was his lucky ticket.

“I sat there for a long time staring at it because I wasn’t sure if what I was seeing was real,” Anchondo said in a statement. “I kind of froze.”

The lottery winner said that the first thing he did was grab a pen and sign the back, which is something that the California Lottery encourages all winners to do.

Anchondo wants to buy a house with some of the winnings.

The Rotten Robbie that sold Anchondo his winning ticket will receive a $5,000 bonus check, which is not redacted from the winner’s jackpot prize, lottery officials said.

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