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FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Broward County has honored one of their own for his generous commitment to give back to the community.

“How are you feeling,” asked CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez.

“Outstanding. I was just awarded a proclamation that today is Miguel Pilgram day and I want to thank the County of Broward,” said Pilgram.

For the past seven years, Pilgram has been sharing his fortune with others. In April 2010, won $52 million in the Florida Lottery. When he opted to take the lump sum of $29 million he knew he had to do good.

“It’s so easy to just walk away but I am not about the easy path, I wasn’t raised that way. There is so much historic culture that needs to be preserved,” said Pilgram.

The once global security advisor for Norweigan Cruise Line is now on a mission to preserve neighborhoods like Sistrunk.

“It reminds me of where I was raised in Memphis, which no longer has that historic aspect. There’s an opportunity to save so much of the history and literature that has come to be part of this county’s fiber and I believe Sistrunk is a big part of that.”

Pilgram’s mother couldn’t be any more proud of her son.

“I am a very proud mama, I like it, I love it,” said Beverly Pilgram.

Pilgram had some advice for others wishing for the big win.

“Get yourself right first before you wish the things that you have no idea how they will affect your life. The work ethic doesn’t change. If you’re a hard worker before, you’ll be a hard worker afterward, it doesn’t change, your not just going to go to an island unless that’s who you were from the beginning.”

Pilgram who donates his time as well his money to the community he loves plans to open a jazz club and launch a clothing line in the near future.

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