Lotto Texas Prize Grows To $7.5M After No Saturday Win

AUSTIN, TX — There’s a more-than-likely apocryphal tale about a custodial worker entering a convenience store on work break, mop and bucket in hand, asking what the jackpot was up to that day in surveying the line of people waiting to buy tickets. Told it had been rolled back to $4 million, the janitor picks up the tools of the trade brusquely while turning back around. “I’m not going to stand in line for that!” the worker mumbles in annoyance, exiting the establishment in a huff.

Nobody drew the winning digits for Lotto Texas on Saturday, Jan. 20, which would’ve awarded $7.25 million. This means the jackpot now grows to $7.5 million for this Wednesday. The cash payout option on this would be roughly $5.11 million.

Is that amount worthy of enduring an interminable queue for tickets at the store? Could you envision living comfortably on that amount? Or do you indulge in fantasies of truly astounding wealth like the $570 million someone in Merrimack, N.J. won earlier this month on Powerball?

That all depends on you, the scale of your imaginings and the magnitude of your vision quest. To be sure, the upcoming drawing on Wednesday for $7.5 million dwarfs the current $78 million up for grabs in Powerball. But one could still indulge in champagne wishes and caviar dreams on this more modest Lotto Texas amount. Perhaps not with the same abandon and zeal, but caviar and champagne could still be had without worry of financial depletion.

Check back on Wednesday, Jan. 25, for the winning numbers. Until then, you might want to check your ticket for Saturday’s drawing, as smaller prizes are awarded for matching as few as three numbers. Not enough for caviar, mind you, but still.

The winning Lotto Texas numbers for Saturday, Jan. 20, are: 8-12-24-25-47-54.

Notwithstanding your dreams of riches, please play responsibly. See you on Wednesday.

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