Lotto Texas Prize Grows To $11 Million With No Winner On 2/10/18

AUSTIN, TX — It’s that time of the week again, Lotto Texas players, to check your tickets. The prize has grown exponentially over the weeks without anyone matching the number. This has set the stage for a potential prize valued at $10.25 million.

Check that. We’ve just gotten word that, again, nobody drew the winning numbers for the Saturday drawing. What this means: The next drawing on Wednesday, Feb. 14 — that’s Valentine’s Day, players, so make sure you save some money for your sweetheart too — will be for $11 million, with a cash payout option of $7.31 million.

But do check your non-jackpot-winning ticket nonetheless as smaller prizes are awarded for matching few than six of the digits. The winning Lotto Texas numbers for Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018, are: 2-3-15-22-34-39.

Check back on Wednesday, Feb. 14, when we’ll have the winning numbers for that drawing.

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