Councilor Criticizes Lottery’s ‘luck Yeah’ Ad Campaign

Seacoast Republican believes catchphrase sounds too much like profanity

Seacoast Republican believes catchphrase sounds too much like profanity

Seacoast Republican believes catchphrase sounds too much like profanity

One executive councilor doesn’t like what he’s hearing from the New Hampshire Lottery.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the governor and executive council, Russell Prescott, R-Kingston took New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre to task for the state’s new lottery ad campaign, which features the exclamation “Luck Yeah!”

“The way that I heard it was not something I was keen on,” Prescott said, suggesting that the catchphrase sounds too much like profanity.

McIntyre rebuffed Prescott’s critique and defended the ads as both appropriate and compelling.

“I would suggest to you that that four-letter word — luck — is an inherent part of our business. So I apologize if it is insensitive, but certainly it is effective,” McIntyre said.

“I don’t think that was the answer he was looking for,” Gov. Chris Sununu said.

Prescott then said he was shocked that such an exclamation was featured in an ad produced by the state of New Hampshire, alleging that perhaps the tongue-in-cheek phrase was more appropriate for late-night television.

“If I screamed out how that was screamed out on your commercial right now, people would be offended,” Prescott said.

“We don’t compete against Health & Human Services and Public Safety. We compete against Doritos and Pepsi and Wrigley’s, and they’re not under the same government structure that we are.”

“There’s a line we try to walk near,” McIntyre said. “I often quote my good friend – deceased now — God rest his soul. He said, ‘If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.’ So we try to make it relevant and sort of interesting.”

Prescott pressed McIntyre to abandon “Luck Yeah!” as quickly as possible.

“I don’t want to hear that again. Is there anything you can do about that?” Prescott said.

McIntyre did not directly answer the question, but did say that the ad campaign is currently on the air and the money has already been spent. Later in the discussion, he noted that since his hiring as executive director in 2010 the NH Lottery has seen its profits skyrocket.

“When I arrived here we were in a negative 6 percent decline, year-on-year for the prior five years, and since that time we’ve grown more than the rest of New England combined, in terms of gross profits,” McIntyre said.

“Let’s just be cognizant of the commercials we’re putting out there,” Sununu said.

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