Xmas Lottery Ticket Prank Video

lottery prank

Phil bought Todd a fake lottery card for Christmas…

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hey hey hey check out the gift they got for Todd it’s a fake lotto card oh we got on their fake I got a hot topic will you join you scratch it and then it tells you 150,000 bucks some shit like that Larry oh my god Todd is gonna know I know I know I know screw him for missing my birthday this year hey this could be great No oh my god no way what oh my god guys I’m sorry I said don’t tell sorry I told you guys this but we just found that that she’s pregnant and we didn’t know if we’re gonna keep the baby because of money I got laid off last week you know what that’s Atlantic City truth win the money back but didn’t but it’s okay you know I mean cordoning dollars that’s everything everything’s gonna be fine now you know dude fin tell him tell me what Phil congratulations that’s a lot of money no Phil tell him to fake heart it’s a prank card no no look at the back through damn your cash prize take this ticket it’s your local leprechaun this ticket is only valid in your dreams we’re not gonna be able to keep the baby Sarah’s gonna leave me I’m sorry you missed my birthday.


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