Won The Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank


Oh bitch back the fuck up you ugly J see why Robin listen to my Rob doesn’t take a shit bro you’re fired a bro update my niggas not getting his car robbed me bargaining do so we finna Dhulia huh what you about to do psych you’ll beat but we don’t to my house break that you gonna bomb tell me what I told this nigga leader to go in the store and get hella scratch tickets right doesn’t it comes out with what the fuck are we do it never know how much money you can get back that’s one of the 10 chance of the game 5,000 exactly he’s saying you’re not gonna fucking get it let me do it let me do one let me do it wait wait wait root this business I’ll get broke a nigga we can make it in the rap game come on you off the penny dumbass and we’re going in there cuz I need to say hi get into a moment that she gonna be my ass next time oh fucking rats alright then I want to do this batch right here you fucking lazy ass fat bitch inside me good morning oh we got one more just wait till later well we won’t read it Matt’s dream of Windows another way down there shit damn man that last one God be don’t say nothing it’s a ladybug I know hey you know what they say they said on the back of the fucking lottery tickets and I’ll tell you where you could go cash it out yeah yeah yeah read it please don’t got the car time to give it to your attention I’ll get it free with that Jose Marmol this is a fish applying a flashlight and a bigot winning prizes of $1 $5 $25 and $50 may be claimed wherever lottery tickets or soul winning tickets of $100 or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy but one day we don’t get that money how you beat the fuck I’m gonna give my green to myself bro make it one day the leg energy we had to help us think about oh fuck count cards the reality I wouldn’t behind until I had the money all right Hey more like jitters we thought you knew oh yeah y’all wondering why we call your moolah jitters we come over name for our subscribers and shit you know moolah move me we’d be saying you are moolah jitters you know you post on my bitch so with the moolah jitters we out here welcome to the first of us about to see what kind of food is in this festival too nigga cuz I don’t know they don’t let me blow Mario trying to test is look six thousand five thousand dollars Jesus honey five thousand could be a song listen yeah the kharsa heart doesn’t remember all right Windham is real name is real what and if you lose they live just like the wants me to exactly right this one does any yeah it’s just is not sideways but these ain’t fake.


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