Won The Lottery Prank (Kind Went Wrong) Video

lottery prank


what’s don’t die it’s getting on here and I’ll do I wonder why I’m in my kitchen off well today outside something new today I’m not a prank it’s a bo on both of my sisters with the scratch card I don’t say that this scratch car was a lot of England now we want lottery and we want how much money does on this card which is 250 thousand dollars so Otis here goes Oh guys check it out do this hey guys Oh what you doing Oh y’all know I found the scratch card you know diseases dollars haha y’all about to sign it and each other by my Judaism i can borrow more money thank you look I think I gotta tell you something oh it’s a prank you just want to break ah I point to you just really love and what’s wrong Mary knows how you make up the great what you saw you make up legit you just walk stop great you know what I’m done with this you guys I got some business to take care of thank you guys so much uh please wife is leo uh scratch on you too ciao are your kids look at that like 10 and i will be going to get away on this friday i’ll be going giveaway so you guys I’ll tell you details on Friday so I see guys when I don’t know inspect this one go cuz my first time doing it but this is frank went ok but let’s see see that’s later yes the goddess kami.


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