Won Lottery Prank On Facebook Video

lottery prank

I pretended to win a lot of money on my is the response I got.


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okay so if you’re anything like me you probably have a lot of people on your facebook that you never talked to maybe old school friends or old work colleagues things like that and you might have a lot of people that always read their messages but never reply maybe I’m just a boring person and don’t want someone to talk to me about so what I thought I would do is I’m going to pretend that I won a lot of money on my facebook so this is kind of like a prank slash experiment to see if anyone believes me to see what sort of messages and comments I get from scuzzy weapons go on Facebook’s new status I’m going to try and make it look real okay oh my god I just won 300,000 on my Premium Bonds WTF what the hell is going on I can finally travel again but first let’s party okay I’m just gonna keep it basic I want people to believe is actually also and post right now I’m going to close my Facebook I’m going to log out I’m not going to check it for a few hours and let’s see laughing okay I just got a message on my program saying somewhere and see my status let’s have a look what it says have you seriously want 300,000 pounds just seen your status this is from someone from my high school that I don’t really talk to you so that’s that’s one person or a that jumped onto the money situation okay I know that I said it would be a few hours but actually it’s been a few days it’s been four days since I’ve logged into my Facebook and as you can see there is 28 notifications so one funny thing is that my brother he let me know that one of my old school friends from college which is coming up to 14 years ago he messaged my brother asked me if I’d really won the money so people just coming out of everywhere trying to find out if it’s real so let’s log in and see what we have to say okay there’s three messages and 25 notifications the first thing we’ll do is we will look at the notifications someone’s that I knew from traveling a long time ago message saying that they had a dream about me this is the day after I haven’t spoke to this girl in our 5 6 years haven’t spoke to her at all and the day after I posted that I had won all the money apparently they have a dream about me so okay let’s look at the actual oh my god there is 63 likes there’s two laughing there is five hearts there’s nine shocked some of these people I don’t even speak to and there’s 47 likes okay let’s read some of the comments come back to party with me here babe no Jami get going get out of it I’d better finally catch up with you first and what a Premium Bonds that’s my friend from you lucky get my friend from University I haven’t spoke to in ages laughing face oh my god Congrats I’ll believe it when you rock up in a limo can you throw down 300k on the most fancy ass dinner party of all time hey old buddy old pal okay this guy’s from uni I haven’t spoke to him in ages and he’s saying hey see what happens when people think you’ve won the money Congrats trip to Melbourne I wish seriously can you lend me two thousand pounds six come to odds this girl this girl that annoys me that annoys me I was in Australia I tried to meet up with her and she kept saying that she would busy suddenly come to us yeah Congrats remember Sunshine Coast on your travels and you won’t have to pick strawberries well it’s a lot give me some deer or your dancer Wow some of these people commenting I haven’t spoke to in years it’s very phrase isn’t it it’s reven who appears once they think you’ve got some money let me look quickly who’s liked it some of these people they really do show up don’t they when you bought some money where they think you got too many are there some messages let me read the messages a massive congratulations again someone that I was planning to meet up with and they always sack me off funny that they come up with that did you actually win the money because if so be happy for you unfortunately not this message from one of my old flatmates who I don’t speak to anymore and so these kind of these are the kind of people that you send a message and they ignore you or you try me up with them and they ignore you or they they slack you off and then suddenly they think you want some money and they want to be a best friend so I think my social experiment proved a couple of things to me personally and just remember kids don’t always believe what do you read on the internet now I just wish I can really win some money that would be nice but anyway thanks for watching and I’ll catch you on the next video.


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