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hi guys welcome back to a brand new prank today I’m gonna be pranking my little brother and this is a prank I’ve been waiting to try out from pull for a while I’ve ordered several of these things online and only one of them has come I don’t know what happens every time I try to do this prank I ordered this from Amazon I order the Fate scratch cards from Amazon and they don’t ever get delivered so this time they got delivered and this time I’m going to be doing the prank so tonight I’m going to take my brother out when he gets back from school probably later on when I get back in I’m going to take him out to the shop just be like yo yo you can get some sweets and that just be blogging like up looks I started blogging a lot more frequently now so it’s normal to him we’d have a camera so I probably gonna buy for scratch cards and switch them up afterwards so I’m gonna do is gonna leave the scratch card the face scratch card in the car then I’m going to go into the shop buy another four and have two each so pretend we’re just like scratching two each for a vlog quickly whereas if you get into the car switch up like one of them so here’s a real one and a fake one and I have two real ones and then watch his reaction after he scratches the fake one I don’t know how much money is gonna win I think it’s like a lot of money that you win on these fake things I don’t know how well this is gonna go I don’t know if he’s gonna like know it’s fake or not but I hope he is because I bought the ones that you can only buy in England in the shop to make it as realistic as I can but yeah if you guys do enjoy this leave a like on the video do share it about I just really helped and just I took you enjoy this all right so we’re just gonna run to the shop get some sweets get some food and then combat chill have dinner and do all that so see you at the shop whoa we just stopped off we went to the garret oh we went to Morrison sorry got scratch cards and harrybo’s but we’re never got coins good diamond you have th diamond and I did not scare diamond on that one well since you’ve got to get that money back no diamond on this one 50 K max Reena 150 thousand fifty thousand six dozen 50 thousand 50 thousand 50 thousand no one likes 150 K it’s just a prank bro no no no no no that’s it’s just a prank bro wait what do you mean it’s just a prank bro what does that mean it’s just a prank so these are my cards No nobody bought four in the shop I kept two down here that I bought off Amazon I bought two off Amazon earlier you’ll see in the vlog I bought two off Amazon and then when we bought them that the original I bought four so I could switch to a size that yeah we’ll get four in total I’m so sorry I am the next you know do you know I’ll pay it back he knows I trust me one day I promise you I’ll give you 50 K that’s a promise I don’t break promises huh they’re not real but what happened is I bought four in the shop I bought four on the shot I bought for just over the light we’re not that’s definitely not good okay that was actually I couldn’t be I couldn’t like a strobe area that reaction I couldn’t we look so weird in this car I could not have asked for better action oh my god I had to make it legit by saying reaction I’m sorry about the light and the card but this is the best like we got I had to make it as realistic as I could see faster than my brother doing scratchcards in my room if I know you would have fallen for the pranks I’ve done to him you know ice it’s harder for me now to try and make it bike unless I was the word less I don’t know what am I trying to say to try make it less obvious that I’m Franklin pretty much what I’m trying to say thank you still winter but but yeah I she quit I think I actually did 105 I actually did win a 500k so you can have that do you want that yeah okay you can have that but yeah guys so I can generally if you can enjoy it it’s for face cave my brother Jarvis I’ll see you in my video tomorrow this might is really bright piece everybody.


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