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lottery prank

We had so much fun vlogging for you guys! Thank you again Canon for sponsoring this video! You can receive a Camera Face Jacket when you buy an EOS M100 Camera (Instant savings)!! to shop the camera: let us know if you want to see more vlogs like this one! QuinciePullen & CandiceKirby Quinciexo & CandiceKirby

Hi! Were Quincie and Candice & we are best friends! This vlog is a prank about winning the lottery . If you liked this video, you can check out our other skit videos. We also post challenge , diy , relatable comedy skits , vlogs , and fun videos!.

can you see it mom well you’re making three ten thousands right there one two three yeah you just want you just watch a grand Candace figuring on so am i but she just made stupid it looks better looks better it’s a little crap it looks better now but when she made it she put in for ten minutes in the microwave and it literally turned out so gross and she’s put extra water and that’s probably so nasty now that you think about it and then over here we have my lunch sizzling away you burgers at first to my pasta sauce and honestly I said good morning but it’s Canada it’s one o’clock so that’s we’re both sick and like I feel like we just like woke up in sobbing trick Candace where are you there you are hi come on Jasper let’s go okay guys before we head to the beach I’m going to show you guys the camera that Canon sent us that we partnered up with them for this video about it’s the Canon EOS m 100 and I have been obsessed with this since the day they sent it and also the autofocus is amazing so it’s perfect for vlogging as well please excuse this mess look at my room anyways back to the camera it’s super lightweight the autofocus is amazing it’s mirrorless I would definitely recommend this if you want to start taking pictures if you want to start taking videos I started channel so yeah all the information for this camera is gonna be down below highly recommend guys you are gonna see throughout this video how amazing the quality is and you will become obsessed just like we are right now every inch like dance and drives the beach I just got checked oh my god I was Cassie Oh oh yeah see we’re gonna help Cassie later Cassie diamonds and go look at the Christmas lights and stuff so yes they had like this really close plays it’s called a kid I don’t even want to talk I hate my boy yeah we’re both sick we don’t feel great so we’re not really wearing like the cutest outfits but we did manage to put on some jeans it’s so bad it’s like it’s like just a plug voice bike a mechanic in my house before her and that really cool Christmas lights I think we’re gonna do that but yeah there we are the Mon have a seat take a number casualities reading her little journal entries out to the world we stopped it it’s sugar and look how amazing the candy I used to love this as a kid I don’t isn’t anything it’s like the crystal rock candy only because they looked so pretty okay so we got these like lottery tickets from one line from this really cool store and it’s like you win them so what you’re supposed to do is like you’re sick we don’t run anything but we bought these snakes so basically you’re supposed to give them to people and like they think oh my gosh I won like $10,000 or $15,000 yeah and like so we were gonna do them on someone but like we feel really bad yes like tell you so we feel bad someone and then then being like we I won five grand or 10 grand and like sighs I thought I won what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna say that like we want it yes cuz we just felt bad about that we were gonna give it to my friend then and we were so excited like but like we just couldn’t do it to him I don’t wanna get karma so we’re gonna prank my mom I’m gonna Face.Time her because she lives in Maryland not California so I’m in a big mo my god mom cares one oh my god okay wait should we be on the phone while we’re scratching oh okay I’ll call hurry up Big O with nothing just scratching some scratch offs okay so let me call her right now there’s a time difference in Maryland on the East Coast so it’s five o’clock here so it’s 8 o’clock back at home it’s my mom no she wasn’t sleeping Hey no she’s a gonna Bennett e she’s probably busy did my mom a life what’s today outside of me I think is there something I do is it funny how whenever you need someone in your family as I’m how they don’t then when you don’t need them they’re always like first ring ho no one answered but we know Chrissy’s mom will call back so no she will definitely call back so we’ll go back out to the car when she calls back but anyways we’re going into Starbucks right now since he has her laptop I want like a cozy hot tea look I don’t know what kind let’s see it looks so good what that guy’s is that a mac room it’s a whoopie pie what’s a whoopie pie that I just like I want to be back room I put some attending any my tea and it is so delicious yeah and it’s so good not even by the public and like what who are you talking to they’re really nice guys yeah they can super super just looking over some of the footage that we took today in the camera and honestly it is so good look at the picture quality I just took a picture of my cup it’s obviously so clear so focus because it has like autofocus on it it’s so so good I’m obsessed this camera I definitely recommend if you want like a camera that can do everything like vlogging it’s amazing I’ve been taking pictures of my Starbucks cup and it’s perfect we have a photographer maybe you know me nothing you know it’s so hard to like not look at the viewfinder and I used to yet but if you don’t mean you know I cannot take a picture and honestly look like a mother it is my mom we’re at Starbucks as you can tell it’s dark now so we have a terrible lighting right now I’m such bad lady bye I’m getting my scratch off Friday and we’re you’re gonna Face. Time her back it’s freezing out my phone please your phone about to die I don’t know okay sorry I was just talking the door we’re in a kind of weird area hi mom are you good I miss you we got stress we’re just gonna scratch off chances are you scratch off yeah I know you can win up to a ten grand hey wait I’ve confused a twin any three like amounts win that amount that’s what you win wait stop can you see it mom yeah you just want you just want a grand Candace oh she got to scratch offs we should another one why are you asking like that mom mom it’s a break oh we do with our money we bought fake scratch awesome to Google no less than my mother I can’t win a dollar yellow and ten grand I spent time I won ten dollars I’ll scratch off in like literally my limit ten dollars yeah I don’t remember that one time oh yeah and I won ten dollars you didn’t actually ever won a dollar even really I definitely won dollars all the time not all the time I don’t normally get scratch off so like I got really good scratch offs no I see I always like I have a feeling literally we’ll be in a gas station I’ll like go in there cuz I’ll put like money in the gas thing should I have a feeling let’s get scratch off I’m like are you kidding right you guys can’t tell you why do that because I’m like a kid and I think it’s such a fun thing to just scratch off stuff so a couple bucks I think it’s just I think the idea of just scratching it off is so fun like you know when you were a kid and like your uncles and my aunt has off these look so real can I just show like yeah wait hold on wait take a look the cove real looks like she did like it literally looks like I want I scratch it off perfectly so it wasn’t like that at first I know he’s gassy so Cassie’s leaving in ten minutes and she’s an hour and a half from here and you guys did what Costco is I have the best pizza ever my gosh their combo pizza is bomb if you have never had it you need to have it one acting so weird because I’m bored that’s what she says but that’s how she always had update everyone look how clear this is huh so what I look like he said let’s get out of this town drive out of the city I thought heaven can’t help me now is that Cassie die man this whole so basically it’s like a neighborhood in this street this trees close off doesn’t this just make you so happy though I feel like it’s not like excited this house is so lit up it looks like daytime look at I I just have to say this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life I keep talking about how to everything this is Quincy’s house in about ten for Jasper there’s a Jasper and it’s so cute that’s just sitting there like I don’t know yeah I was really don’t wanna oh oh just kiss the thing you get guys this house is amazing this is amazing about 100 hours oh my god so we just got back to our apartment and I’m wearing oh my god my shirt is so wrinkly I’m like oh that’s funny I’m wearing a t shirt some sweatpants some Christmas socks and I’d tied my hair in a low ponytail and I’m bout to have some cake I made that yesterday I’m so proud here’s Candace she has our cake does Percy hi c I ready cooking it guys he’s so cute I miss you Jasper but yeah you guys the lice was so much fun I just realized we didn’t turn on the Christmas tree yet usually that’s not the first thing we do when we walk in we just turn on the Christmas tree oh my god feels so cozy Oh guys also fun vlog with you guys anyways I think we’re just gonna end the vlog here I’m super sick I think we’re just gonna like have some tea make some dinner watch this is maybe fall asleep honestly it’s just an exhausting night but anyways we love you guys so much and we’ll see you in our next video guys Christmas. .

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