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what is going guys welcome to the log today I’m here with Michael I know we are at the ball I don’t know what we’re gonna be doing but let’s get today’s start it’s gonna be lit gonna drop a piece of paper okay all right no wait okay gonna drop it yeah it’s right there drop it go here’s the Apple store wait come over here look I want one of these so bad this is the spork yo here’s the X ha let’s try this guys I want this boat so bad all day it’s so wet oh no wait I have to try this hold on oh yeah swipe boy why is it working Apple fix your phones probably said I’m doing it with my Daniel recording this is dope I liked it wait here take a picture here by me finally everyone finally got our cheap boy he got subway and some workers just came up to us like two in a row like right after each other it said if we need anything and let’s surprise with her Gretta Babu part and like workers from chick fil a came up to us like what guys we’re getting fake lottery tickets and going up to people right out it’s gonna be crazy let’s see what happens ok guys so basically we got fake off like fake scratch cards and we’re gonna do it and we’re gonna get people’s reactions of us winning a jackpot got voice memos on so you can hear him or someone just scratch it off and be like oh no ma’am ma’am did I win like Oh ma’am I have to get to wait it says messy like mount 5,000 5,000 5,000 that’s what size is I think I got I do want one so it says match three like amount win that amount 10,000 10,000 10,000 does that mean I win it look like I don’t think it’s because I got from quick trip she’s not here that look like you boy did you yeah it look like Maisie’s was you three match 3 and ended up you should call your mom now I’ll share with you oh I’ll share with no no I’m just joking guys we actually have a video camera right there forming a video on quick trip my grandpa bought it for me no way $10,000 I think you owe me like amounts win bit amount one two three yeah it’s a boy right I’m filming using video is it okay if I use it thank you so this next clip Michael accidentally recorded vertically and now horizontally so there’s black on each side of the screen and it’s not filling the whole screen but this was a great reaction so hopefully you guys enjoy this one I won I won I think I won he’s out did I win I said if I got three in a row in the numbers that I got three and irad win did I win there’s three 5,000 says I mean I won you do teach from the quick trip my grandpa got it from crook trip and gave it to me did I win $5,000 I’m trying to figure this out okay yes my mom and I did three five thousand I didn’t win yeah what is what what you need to do it says when match the three amounts five thousand and you got a twenty five then you got five thousand if you had three five thousands in a row that’s I have three five thousands though it’s gotta be her own oh yeah thank you I got some fever follow me on Instagram I get to walk down this escalator right now because we’re going over there to go to Nike and stuff how you doing oh my gosh wait this is an up escalator because that one’s down oh my gosh gotta put a come on we got our fidget rollers ready Oh good job Oh does it look good yeah did it really yes they’re really jumpy yeah oh I know it’s dad okay ready yeah they are cool they’re not hard to do sometimes I think you have to get it’s like the right oh my gosh wait oh no way go go go down the guys sauce oh no this is not good okay well minibike is now down there no go there’s somebody you like watching go just go go it’s kind of like my sister driving that time’ clara to the store yesterday oh my gosh we’re in the car the employees started running down the aisle once he saw us on it we bolted out of there we ran out and we came in the truck oh my gosh you think this is scary I don’t think this is scary it’s just the cave they used to keep beer in here I think it’s great yeah I might it’s frozen he throws a rock in the watch here get her on it but wait frozen dude so guys hope you enjoyed today’s video with Michael we’re out here just playing GTA right now if you enjoyed it remember to drop a like on the video and subscribe if you are new I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video peace.


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