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lottery prank

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Ingold Missy I’m here with Axl today we’re doing a lottery prank told uh max what we’re doing today we’re running in a supermarket dill actually won a hundred grand but really we didn’t cut I robbed him yeah hey let me get power come on take that so happens she comes big a pound thanks that too man so love bro I love you like uncooked food just have together Buffalo Soldier what what but on that 10 grand blood don’t touch it my one that Jim grant from aa PLUS loan that 10 grand that’s my no no no that’s my no cuz I drew I gave you the power came in Alva no that’s my no as you flex don’t take the play we doing on an AK proof of me man i axel thank you my pleasure ain’t broke don’t take a piece um a palm grove when I hold them both you own your palm brother went over I just gave you the palm box mine I’ve got rent to pay you know that’s for what why ah you too I’m hoping this gets a little something because if I bought notice like when you got 18 kids put it back no no I keep forgetting that’s the thing yeah you know I don’t think this one has anything it’s alright hey guys so thank you you too I know all my days oh my days oh my god run I wanna hug the ground can I claim it who are these guys on a hundred grand oh right oh wait stop him stop him who’s he gone the videos us claiming 100 yen then and you started shouting at social that sound okay just cookies thicker than that let me get scratchcard I feel lucky ooh and number your number alright let me just get drink up no no there is why I need four lucky you in there I need to serve oh yes 20 grand look I’m scared 20 ha ha ha ha I made it fix it up listen I’m stupid I want to go to Chaucer’s 20 grand Chow station come Deborah Deborah number win Deborah oh man the sketches now I feel good good Deborah oh shit Teddy run yeah yeah I don’t take after him wait taking my ticket for ticket my queen will grab my 20 bucks is 20 grand got my ticket that’s my tip my birthday kid give me the ticket my aunt take the piss 20 grand yeah yeah ha ha hey son.


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