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lottery prank


a year would fucking popping God’s it’s a boy racer and back once again there’s another reaction video guys dam has been there so fucking long but it’s been so long a lot of shares happened since like the last four days I freaking post it and on without further ado I’m with jumping away and I’m gonna just like make a story time later on I so this is from David or Burke of course this is winning the lottery Frank I got imma just get straight into it curtis saying that you woke up with their bra but you got such a big mouth so a nice that just kind of fake lottery today we’re going to prank down into him thinking that he won the actual library only if you know how to become a billionaire anything I did the computer all day I don’t find ways to be a freakin trillionaire how does true help you become a trillion manage frickle scam scam where are these no fuck you the right to get no fucking boy max three like amounts win then about 5,000 5,000 50 yo I need get me love these things are you doing no but she just kind of planet winds like what is the real talk what’s it doing well I need just a hard working in one day and be a 5000 air to 5000 so we have to stick it and it’s completely faith and we totally tricked them into thinking you have a fake ticket we found your reaction was gonna be when you want or is gonna put in your pocket in dec nah we didn’t win it’d be like that that can we see thinking like nah matters not work oh yeah do that for you know my neck convulses when I get scared I come to know that Jason damn that couch nice motion not a big shower person don’t like the way slaughter or a draft do you not like new Jacques red ones you too much of Tears read to a scrap quick match any 3m else to win oh my god I swear get the toys they didn’t get the car so what are you put your window down you serious I can’t tell you serious not any three amounts to wish oh my God my heart’s racing come hard do you feel like come on $5,000 one that you bring a lot trust nobody technical salary like you want a lot of you think I’m not trusting nobody $5,000 fucking way you know see what happens when your friends start winning money it’s like a prank versus just one of them big ticket yeah but you know nothing you don’t believe that’s fucked up you got a new truck and haul away oh man that got me good so does this mean I’m still broke let’s do it I’m a look of ebay I gotta get what it oh I gotta get somebody with veneers me outside the mental town and they’re saying why did you leave I got it yeah you use caching though I go three mounts 02 and 12 oh my god Carly read the sky blue the card read the card I can’t give me come on that’s hilarious wait this real I ya know really think everybody falls for that is oh my god all things like goodbye my nails like I’m gay I’m gay that’s it that’s pretty exciting yes grace you like and subscribe tweet me tomorrow Rick I gave lives of one of those lottery tickets and she’s going at it today’s my day baby yesterday was i’m a 24 you’re gonna win a hundred hundred thousand dollars oh my god why i can’t believe this is happening what’s happening i left the tissue box on what do you mean the box of tissues is on back what what are you doing with that you spk a scrunchie it’s not much of a USB cable easy screams good Josh Johnson drinking shots now Josh will right the fuck now all right they have it guys it’s fricking nice and good to be back man I’ve missed doing these freaking videos I got more coming and I actually am about to do more than our reactions around matzah get some practicing so so I hope this person doesn’t watch this before I prank them and then they’re gonna know what’s coming up um if you like this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe it’s your boy range but now mostest guys peace gotta take it.


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