Winning The Lottery Prank On My Mum!! Video

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YO GUYS! Today’s video I pranked my mum into thinking she won the lottery (winning the lottery prank). I hope you guys enjoy this one, for your support!

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you are going to set the end today’s video we only prank in my mum with some fake scratch cards so without further ado nesting them on the video so guys I just can see I’ve got some fake scratch cards now I’ll just make sure that some of these are real I just goes into here I’ve won a hundred thousand pounds apparently with a sweet scratch card here now I’m going to get rid of this in case my mum sees it so I’ll just put that in the bin somewhere like that as you guys can see here there is a lot of face to crotch cards now so now I’m just going to go and put these away in here so that my members will see em so need to put them away so to make sure this all works out what I am going to do is I’m going to go up town now the reason why I’ve got this coat on and also because it is absolutely tipping it down outside I’m going to go up town and I’m going to get some real scratch cards so I’m going to do is on my pile they’re all going to be real and then on my mum’s side most of them gonna be real and then I’ll have like one or two which are fake now whenever she scratches them off and then she sees that she’s won a hundred thousand pounds that’s whenever the video is going to get interesting because I have absolutely no idea how she’s going to react to it or like if she thinks it can be like a fake lottery card or something that’s the reason why I’m getting a real one so it seems a lot more real so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m going to go up to the shops and go and get some real luxury cards and hopefully by the time I get back she’s on her way home because she’s in work at the moment and hopefully I come back and then you know got some time to set up the camera everything and just tell her that I want to record a video so really quickly um I go to the shops and go and get some real lottery cards so I’ll see you guys in just search 20 minutes later don’t worry guys I got what two hours later I’ll go serve the cameras you know it’s pretty good that camera angle mine you gave anything just cooking show maybe you guys want to see a few natural see you do it and then you go can do that zero and it’s an exit down why this is in here really I’ve got some setup now go get the scratch cards now okay okay so got the lottery cards so now let’s go and record this video ok guys so now we’re going to be opening some scratch cards as you can see here we’ve got some some here yeah you guys you guys wanted me to do that so got some coins and now we’re gonna to see what we get really get anything now finance me this you want a street is in 400,000 pounds money free memory Thea the good causes bitly power these cats car got you can get to incisors in sequence well well that didn’t work too smart you will realize I nearly Chevy yeah yeah today I getting on no exception is release that activity in years like wind life you guess which one of the Signum so much the real one that one loads the fake corn obviously concerns about in it and that’s the real one they look pretty much the exact thing see you can hardly tell rush to get the fake ball problem I got an onion grant fleet order them for me and I paid them and then I want family then I got some real one semester team real see if you can hardly tell which ones are food I actually thought I once around this one here I’ve got 100,000 on CNN I got so excited I was just this gets 100 likes we’re going to do the what’s in the box challenge no matter what might be on camera why you don’t everyone even the comments below say at my mum’s beautiful because Cheers I hope they see me what I don’t think we been using a girlfriend in there alright it’s 100 like some of the other wats in the Box challenge only month okay guys so yeah that didn’t work alright so just looking back at the lottery cards I realized that we missed that thing there so which they do this real quick oh yes we won one pound look at that made a crown back look at that that’s one win there keep back yeah now that one then when isn’t final one Oh what I’ve won again yes we’ve won another pound man wow wow I’m someone hasn’t lost a pound I’m not have to do that ok guys so that has been of the video I didn’t really get that well so now I can put gone wrong in a title I haven’t really ever done that much pranks on my videos so if you guys want to see some more then let me know down in the comments below so as that has been it for the video if you did enjoy Graham’s going to smash a like like I said if we can try and get our phones and likes then I’ll do the work tomorrow challenge with my mum also guys if you are new there make sure to subscribe until on post notifications and I’ll give you guys a shout out my next video the shower for this week goes to this person here so thank you so much for subscribing in turn on post notifications also I’m reppin some new modes if you don’t want to see this now let me know in the poll up by that I’ll run it all thing yes or no what you guys want to see this I mean I really like this and I’m showing some of my friends and they really like it as well so let me know in the poll up by there and then I’ll have to see what the outcome is yeah guys that been up the video and I’ll see you all next Sunday but yeah goodbye don’t worry.


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