Winning The Lottery Prank On Boyfriend!! *Must Watch* | Ashley & Johnathan Video

lottery prank

Welcome to our super hilarious fake lottery ticket prank guys! In this video watch Johnathan get pranked with a fake lottery ticket!! He seriously thought he won the lottery! We were vloging all day so he had no idea it was a prank! The fake lottery ticket was purchased online and it worked great! Make sure to watch our other videos too and don’t forget to
Johnathan thought we were just filming our reactions just in case we did win what he thought was a real scratcher. That is why he is looking at the camera.

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hey guys so Jonathan just went into the gas station and he’s gonna make like pay to get fuel and then once he comes back out I’m gonna say like Oh get something and then when I go and they’re gonna pretend to buy a scratcher basically prank how do you make it is just scratch it in can you scratch it take one why would you pick the one next to love Oh what board oh wait no it’s this match three where is that it can we keep going so are you one with 10,000 shut up you’re lying Jonathan oh my god I’m stinky thousand dollar oh my god you paid a dollar ten thousand a dollar fifty cos tax I’ll go tell the gun you go tell the guy I’m scared this this cash huh take it and match three like amounts and you win and dad amount there’s one so you want $10,000 oh are you excited yeah are you excited yeah no one ever wins so what do we do read it but cutting my hair pray how do you even get that I bought it up um mom or comb so bad a car a car oh my god no one that purchased the ticket I’m sorry alright guys team Ashley in the comments below make sure to LIKE and subscribe sorry John Frank worries I’m getting her back bye guys but he’s still mad you guys go ten grand you don’t play like that like it just hit me like no that’s not easy to get ten grand.


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