Winning The Lottery Prank!! By David Dobrik Reaction!!!! Video

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I just want two things get so bad made us wait feel like last week it’s you don’t want it what’s good you guys Nikki Bella hear back within the reaction wheel for so today for today guys are reacting to win the lottery prank by David dobrich so let’s get right into this video guys let’s get it whoa kind of saying that you hooked up with her bra why you got such a big mouth so Alex not just got a fake lottery ticket we’re gonna prank down into him thinking that you won the actual ladder oh my gosh billion everything onto the computer all day gotta find ways to be a frickin trillionaire how does porn help you become a trillionaire huge freak oh yeah no fuck you this is right again no fucking way match three like amounts when that amount five thousand five thousand five yeah but she just kinda planet wings like what a real time is the Prague just a hard working in one day and be a 5000 air to 5000 air so we have this ticket and it’s completely fake and we totally tricked them into thinking this is done walking sir I have a fake ticket your reaction was gonna be when you want or just gonna put it in your pocket your back nah we didn’t win literally thought that’s what you were gonna do that can we see the thinking like nah man it’s not working why oh that shit i would you do that for you know my neck convulses when i get skype come to know that Jason doesn’t love deodorant not a big shower person don’t like the wastewater we’re in a drought you got like taking showers because it reminds you too much of Tears ah he is gonna be fake he’s gonna win 3 2 I’m scrap quick match any three amounts to win oh my god Oh get in the car what are you gonna put your window down you serious I can’t tell you serious not any three amounts to win shut up oh really just feel my heart do you feel like oh my god just guys so excited one that you bring over it’s sad how it’s a prank though that I need money that was meant to happen oh my god you’re shaking how much did you win five thousand dollars no fucking way give me a no see what happens when your friends start winning this is how it is it’s like a prank versus one of the big ticket yeah perfect hahaha sucks oh my gosh I’d life good so does this mean I’m still broken system John’s my kids meetings okay let me say there’s a seer son and daughter there’s me outside the men’s hotel and they’re saying why did you forgot it how you can use caching but like I 2 and 12 oh my god Carly read the skies read the card read the car that’s three mounts one now tomorrow I biggest keep asking all these people bro oh my gosh this is nuts holy fuck that’s hilarious wait this real yeah no no it’s completely fake oh my god I just thought of all the things i could buy my head I was like I’m getting this I’m gay that’s very exotic erotic title good looking wife looking at David no Burke I gave Liza one of those lottery tickets and she’s going at it today’s my day baby is her day wise i’m a 23 you’re gonna win a hundred a hundred thousand dollars oh my god why I can’t believe this has happened what’s happening i left the tissue box on what do you mean the box of tissues is on fire what that’s the end of it or night it’s at the end of it or do you usually like another part ah if you’re kidding me what are you doing with that USB cable it’s a scrunchie it’s not a scrunchie at the USB cable easy screams have you met josh Josh Josh now Josh from right the fuck now vid you guys watching this be with me for today everyone watch the full veil link will be in the screen down below also guys wrote subscribe to my channel if you have not already joined the RLS the rebellious squad also guys like this video a combo down below which video I should react to next and your opinions and i’ll see you guys next time.


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