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hey what’s up guys got a new one for you this week in this video we drop a winning lottery ticket in front of people and then we just plan out a little scenario just to see what would happen if they would do the right thing it’s going to be a good one check it out let me guess cheering I don’t know some kid just drop something it’s knowledge the lottery take it’s probably one that doesn’t have anything on it oh oh there’s got to be a joke yeah it should match three what are those three numbers out there it’s not ten thousand in volleyball Bobby what that little says oh my god that kid just dropped it was not real it says on the back he has turned into Georgia Lottery it’s in two thousand dollars and the kids is Johan babe $10,000 the kids drop lower no we said it doesn’t say to roll or anything and my pocket this thing is wise when I kid win oh I don’t know I don’t know where your weird he was Inc some candy at Walt ba are not Katie them on ID hello hey babe yeah it’s $10,000 I don’t know I’d attached some lady shakeups on me too and I think it’s real I don’t know what to do we can go we have our wedding now do what perfect what what comes of holiday welcome you to go nah didn’t the water his knob didn’t know they might have said you got it was a longer decision I think she showed me a lottery ticket nah man to have it now I think she does look a hell of it no I think they do I definitely didn’t know I dude I wouldn’t do that to you was it in your back pocket I have a wall in my back pocket take everything out of killin okay got it put every dollar I’ll have it buddy I don’t have anybody I don’t have a man if it’s our job to be a disaster against thousands oh not to get you stay right here okay hey there the guy just dropped this lottery ticket these $10,000 your this is says match three like a mouth chin down chin down Kimbo ya want to keep it keep it this is all stopped in the station itself yeah I think it’s a win here comes back don’t say anything goes anything do anything we’re here what happened wrong Andrew he’s on Richard you just pretend to be my grandmother when it comes and we like no I’m more grandmother we didn’t see anything you heard about that winning that money to subscribe them without imitating grandson was underage and their five against y’all then save anybody hello I’m over here where you get tickets I think that’s what this is yeah Tennessee frame two hits yeah yeah I’m not really sure to be honest with you how far away are you oh shit some kid just drop something until it water you take a casino cash although you walked off I guess I’ll scratch it need to be so cool to win money off there some kid dropped it that’d be funny yeah oh my god babe oh my god babe I’ll call you back hold on a second I can’t believe my eyes I need your help because I say this is what memory and matter match three of them is that nine five thousand give it do they have to be in a row bunch of that’s three next three amount wind that amount 5,000 5,000 5,000 turn over and see what it says on the back okay they have to be a cross like us like when you’re playing they said is winning ticket has to have three like numbers that’s it oh my god the kids dropped $5,000 Wow oh my god I gotta call him god hey babe yeah he just went pop yeah not crazy I know may not I don’t know I don’t know where you win out I don’t know yeah was $5000 what you started to get a lottery ticket now pop it drop it on the ground No okay sure if I didn’t drop a ticket we should go offer hot it’s not a picket denied pick it up come on babe know what a lot of can I sing one second now Oh Paul come over here run and I don’t have a ticket I’m sure you didn’t pick it up yeah dude I’m positive I mean hey I don’t have it I don’t have it I live it I don’t think so sorry buddy we got to audit you know if you have all of your bro you pick it up anything not to my pops all the dollars on it yeah but about on the watch oh good boy all I do I didn’t think I’m a ticket yeah yeah come on things we got to drop something judges drop a lottery ticket with $10,000 winner I think so do you see that said match three window now yeah yeah just I just won $10,000 right awesome God has dropped it thank you Jesus that no so like 30 minutes in here be here alright yeah that’s fun yeah why wouldn’t you get here William look at it together Oh so who’s looking for huh huh see I’ll see if he asked for yo antic Wow man I think they took it yeah all right yeah I’ll meet you over there yo man long people like block I’m pretty sure they have it bro don’t go up I think this is any profit no I don’t have it real I really I really I’ll have it con oh man little bit Joe good job guys there’s your good people thank y’all so my personal assets can I give that away there’s y’all thank y’all so much there’s we’re doing a social experiment there’s our we’re actually pretty popular rs around here we’re bottom of the biggest rs around here and what you doing is it I know I could delegate no there’s nothing a lot of god they’re really getting mad at me this is I was going to look at y’all at all cuz I’ll be like crabs are really good invested I’m just kidding guys that was a prank that was it’s a joke it’s a fake lottery ticket yeah I just know everybody’s being coded it’s you man thanks for doing right by that I think I’ll be damned hey we’re joking we’re joking it’s a joke it’s a prank it’s a prank thank you God which is interference these people do the right thing thank you so much guys no example thank God y’all which understood they’re good people left in the world is what we’re trying to do each other people would do the at retail and that’s what we’re just doing that but guys thank hell so I was trying to grab didn’t see the back on like god I hope she doesn’t take this and look at the bag this heads on the back it snakes and everything you.


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