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Winning Lottery Ticket Prank in the Hood – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks – Hood Pranks – Public Pranks
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but some guys I’m Joey salads and this is the fake lottery ticket prank oh dang about a dollar I get a drink got my wallet sure oh thank you you’re the best after Stan Lee Dee’s going crazy oh ten grand Kendra what what lend you one yeah is that dollar this is my drink um I’m a drinks at this ten grand wrote tenth grade Pro dude dude it’s big it’s just a prank bro it’s just a prank it’s just a prank yo is it or if I borrow a dollar I’ll get a drink I got my got my wallet just like a dollar it so I’m getting like you hold it loosely I think a little dollar drinks Oh perfect thank you I’ve been 110 thousand oh my god yo yo yo boy say you’re gonna get a drink no I got I got this I just want an grin bro well we won no no I won 10 grand ro you think you are are you serious I bought it I bought it bro no I bought it I won $10,000 you ain’t getting nothing all right all right ain’t gonna shed no we gotta bail look at that are you serious right now $10,000 don’t let you know it’s a fake ticket and you’re on a hidden camera show you want your dollar back no man you could have enjoyed I got to go back to class man yo bro you got like a dollar I can borrow uh guys get a little drink is that all right with school yeah sure I’ll pay you back why’d you go yeah thanks oh ho 5 it 10 grand bluegrass 10 grand what are you doing I spent a grand with that dolly blew that shit oh my god dude thanks a dollar wait what what likes for the dollar you I’ll give you the dollar back nah bro my dollar dude I’ll give you a dollar oh my dollar that’s 10 grand I know I don’t care for where my dollar give you a dollar that was your dollar all my dollars yeah I’m gonna pay you back the doll let me catch this no yo different yo it’s a prank it’s not even real it’s uh keep it brittle it’s a hey it’s that dude it’s fake you guys watch them please see this video like subscribe share do whatever comment below what you would have done if somebody else played this prank on you I’m Joey salads thanks for watching put some guys I’m Joey salads and today we’re gonna go buy somebody’s dog let’s see how much they sell it for so many.


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