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lottery prank

Pulled the best prank on my mom ON HER BIRTHDAY! I got her so good with this winning lottery ticket prank! (BEST to our channel!: More Bramty Juliette:
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No BAM and welcome to a brand new vlog today’s a special vlog because it is mamie’s birthday so we have the entire family going out to cheese can we talk about there sheikha good Nobby can you make me macaroni cheese okay Louis you know he look like handsome Squidward does that look like Papa oh ma look over here look over here really quick Mickey okay 20 of my family I was going to the bathroom but I’m right here where they saw all the cheesecakes and I asked me but they would let me have a candle so I’m gonna get one flame on the light up the candle and I’m gonna go back to the table happy birthday we’re just trying to come upon we came small because yesterday my wife why fight back right now we’re gonna try out these vitamin b12 short though richard has told me that this place is like where body would just go to like get a shiner but to recover though me and rich are about to try this thing but she’s gonna go first and I’m not doing it just because the shots mostly for like fat burning and I really don’t need that so sugar I’m not scared oh my okay I give you I give you permission for another woman to cut your butt cheek yeah what I don’t know how I feel weapon so you think I shall honor my dad and his but another woman too much Richard would you buy that for your child this poop emoji you would buy that for your child I’m uh literally on camera who does like me who does but Oh knocked him out that hurt though I’m alive we’re here the gym me Richard and MJ we’re about to get swole we’re at LA Fitness is the gym I used to go to another high school that work and lower Marines on play until breakfast we just got back I need to work out how you feel MJ hey did you get a pump or did you get a pump look at this uh yeah I think Lois one gram fam comment down below who got the bigger pump right now ladies right now Lewis Richard or MJ got the bigger pump all right guys okay chef Richard how do you feel being a million views do it is it like it listen bro listen listen listen Brent see whenever you meet again I promise you this is your baby alright guys so there’s no time to sing my mom happy birthday and I’m gonna light the candles and yes he is gonna help me like put her hands there so like the candle doesn’t blow out so we’re gonna go surprise my mom again with birthday cake number two today happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear zelma happy birthday to you so guess was getting played today we went to the mall and Spencer’s we found these fake lottery tickets basically there’s five in here and every single one guarantees you that you win so we have a couple people involved in the prank so I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna tell my mom pick one and then I’m gonna give the rest to everybody who was involved and we’re all gonna pretend we didn’t win and then we’re gonna see her reaction to her thinking she won’t are you guys ready already so what’s gonna be your reaction to not winning show me your best acting skills oh all right yeah feet your best seconds goes to not winning all right anyways so first of all happy birthday mom I heard all day today that you were saying you wanted to play bottle tickets yeah who is went to the gas station today and picked up some if you get lucky on your birthday so pick one shall we Richard pick one Carlo thank you money Rita how does it work no no no no 5,000 5,000 503 amounts with that amount fine no way oh my god yeah that’s what always went to the gas station when we won’t wait Jeremy win that amount $5,000 are you serious well guess what did you know read the last sentence mom please they get funded a main purpose only a new song I can receive it you I lost at least we get but I wing all these moments Oh hello guys so it is the next day and I just got finished editing the video and I’m sure that I didn’t have an outro so this is me telling you guys thank you guys so much for watching and also I wanted to tell you guys that there is a random piece of cookie in front of me and do you guys remember when Lewis and I told you that we had a third announcement to announce and we said that if any of you any of you guessed it down below in the comments that we would tell you literally the next day well let’s just say that we are now announcing it the next day which is going to be in the next vlog tomorrow today we actually announced it to our family and I’m gonna be very emotional aside on’t want to give it away excuse me but we did announce it to our family today and now it is time for us to announce it to you guys so just stay tuned for a huge announcement and guys turn on your post notifications come on what are you guys waiting for turn on your poll certifications to get notified every time we upload especially for the next vlog which is going to contain our huge announcement and that’s all I have to say so thank you guys so much for watching until next time bye.


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