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lottery prank

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hey guys it’s Vicki and welcome back to my channel and for this week’s video I’m going to be pulling a little prank I have these three fake scratch off cards where every time you scratched it off you win ten thousand dollars so the first person I’m going to prank is my best friend’s mom and her boyfriend so here we go by the way the lighting in the beginning is a little dark because we were eating dinner but aren’t you the lights to go on oh that’s so sweet in my mouth today how they get free 2003 one that’s what you value a gym person to leave a scratch on all oh let me get three of whatever that’s how much you like everyone make it a vacuum or mama mama you got three four thousand I’m not joking look good drink thousands yeah is that there were duty to but yes you did look look look can come is this like this is it joke oh my god look Joe right Oh Bree the backpack Oh chocolate new ticket now I’m gonna prank my little brother Joey who I started thank you I 12 thousand dollars I’m not with you I think i’m pretty sure 10,000 10,000 10,000 will you told me let’s just bring 10,000 right on that I’m not going crazy yeah the back is stupid it says 5,000 10,000 prices must be clean when yo mama’s happy about marriage he’s been or by mailing us a claim form supplied by the two footer please sign and mail your winning ticket and claim to Santa Claus p.o. box 777 North Pole wall prizes must be claimed no later than 30 seconds after stretching game card all letters are subject to people laughing like you valid only in your dreams it’s fake I hate you so much I’m for you hey that’s why I want you to go over there you actually thought it was real for a second I did no you did until I said it was hey you believed it after its it say the coolest video haha no I thought the back was just BS but then i was like maybe there’s like some other place you find it such a life and people laughing yeah he was already did how do you feel you know just kapray 10 thank you all so so much for watching this video I hope he thought my pranks were funny and they were cool it was a pack of six cards so I still have three left so comment down below who you think I should prank next if you miss my two most recent videos long Sun will be down below and I love you guys so so much and I’ll see my next video I oh yeah well I’m a prankster. .

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