Winning Lottery Prank On (My African Mom) Video

lottery prank

I thought it was a prefect time to do this prank on my mom, she going to be okay ,
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hey go on today and only Zante where real people practice hi guys welcome back to my channel today it’s going to be an awesome day let me tell you why because I’m going to play the winning lottery ticket prank on my mother my african buzzer okay so I went on Amazon a couple of days ago in order a fake winning lottery ticket that’s at $10,000 on it and I also order a real one I got a room from a gas station a couple minutes ago and I don’t know what this is gonna say oh my god freaked out she actually read something off here okay so I’m just going for a reaction see what’s gonna happen so keep watching your neighbor before that was infected other ones the harvest are you doing here dude are you we get half what are you in heart but we want in books we got like whatever get to you get under one name your agency is party but their mess that’s three like about doing that Matt smashed through your mouth ten thousand ten thousand fourteen thousand math three amount and win that I’m out this is how much $10,000 oh he winds up dollar is 51 so you want to pick it well not for me yeah I’m serious Oh your loader singing yeah you got to check out the master your mouth that looks the same 10,000 10,000 10,000 pretty hey ooh I’m keeping this one somebody’s got 5,000 apiece woo you better fill that out in the back seat funny though I said I didn’t want it robbed everyone work girls three other black seven we get a black if you need a seven black or gold seven you get a goal when you ended up froze when double the price of doing that I was whole seven well Jamie well when you’re having do we get seven horn on this one oh you want $2 on this one do you want 10,000 Jean or a thousand on this money guy you like I’m taking this ticket with me because he wants it about it we get it won’t forget me huh so I got attitude let’s go good job you want what you need to let go holy Nathan here hope so ah zero knowledge you don’t seem very happy about though she was left she wasn’t on it no she went five down because we told her you to happen but this is wrong listen I want to be like you so here you go down twice out of the blue Kalani little bit offended and I’ll be on it yes he wanted us to know and it’s happening right now I don’t bring it up oh my god I’m shaking well we want $10,000 I cannot believe it ah are you gonna give me half that money No let me see that one yes let me connect my recent visit 81 days outdoors you recording it I got it required you’re gonna report it dude a thousand dogs a lot of money can you take it sin do not break here no ladders okay wait what’s the vessel cross the street across the street okay okay so they don’t discuss to get letter here this gaseous it doesn’t take crash ticket so we’re going to go to another one so you guys were at the second gas station oh boy gun Wow oh my baby you to my lower jaw do you know how happy that I window I can give you money. .

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