Winning Lottery Prank! (Gone Wrong!!!) Video

lottery prank

WELL, What did u guys think?.

your boys classes here I’m the new CEO say I’ve got a prank for you guys it’s Christmas Day you know I’ve got a swegway pretty sick but I’ve got about a week ago I bought free fake scratch cards or comes in and I’m gonna be pranking my granddad with one I’m gonna give him one up and sable it’s gonna scratch it it’s gonna win I don’t even know how much but it’s gonna be sick so I’ll show you guys the scratch cards just now okay guys here they are we have this one this one and this one I think I’m gonna go through this one as its most easiest to get hang off so scratch off all the squares find free ducks and you win the prize so it’s about two more win the prize there they are anyway guys there they are hopefully he won’t catch on that it is a prank bar he does at some scratch card prank gone wrong so yes I’ll see you at the table and we give it to him so anyway guys before we get started I just like to say two things one I might be doing a swegway Olympics so tell me if you want to see that and second of all coin down below what you guys have got for Christmas so I’d love to know what you get and yes let’s get started I mean you can do it now used to do lottery ticket yeah I know I thought about chucking the lottery a lucky dip in all your presents I got some scratch cards well just to get free dogs I knew you’d get free dogs so yeah I didn’t get any bread saucy no he won’t get it laughing destroy all that nonsense free goes no you did one oh my god wait scratch deploy see what you get wait surprise no wait wait a minute the back you have a million so guys I did it pulled off let’s go I was brilliant if you guys want to see me do more pranks and comment down below and like the video I’ve still got two left so tell me what you guys think I should do maybe if I do it in public or whatever but yeah thank you guys for watching if you did enjoy the video that makes you subscribe like and comment and peace.


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