Winning Fake Lottery Ticket Prank ! Video

lottery prank

on what my next video should be (:.

yeah because yeah great show my mom a delicious hey yes so much tension mat three hey sure that’s all thank you yeah let’s go I don’t know took the boiling prize of a dollar twenty five twenty five dollars and fifty maybe claim whoever whoever lottery tickets are sold winning tickets of a hundred or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fame to Dolan how would you do yeah that’s a la plaza I don’t think so yeah cooking chicken the little machine is 10,000 you have to write your name and stuff in here yes I’ll see us those this mm hmm should not giving it to you LOL oki touch hold on now i shall wait a minute yeah one two three yeah way to check your situated on why i didn’t win anything that’s what i have to match oakley yeah that’s right they do chicken now where’s my mommy what would you do 00 share it no we do it this one two three ho SI no tsuki solo deal Sophie oh my dick open faced fetchers oh yeah I know myself we’re mom brother yeah crank it up shake it up we’re just gonna go about with you you should take all your camera so we can record him oh we go that’s so crazy tell my mom I don’t know that’s it if I go on even if I did I want to do it out there’s no get one soon it won’t ask hey I can’t feel you just came in like the liquor from this boy yeah he likes to yeah that’s crazy that is so that’s insane okay what would you do with you my awesome what are you gonna do with 10,000 pages were most problems that is it yes yes yes it’s real you should kept it Sophie I know I’ll give someone give it doesn’t I sure enough is you take vacation off I love you see this is this a fuck something could be fake scratch off ticket nah I never even seen a fake one and plus my mom got it where would she get a fake one like seriously hey but I was gonna say you have to melt this shit they’re gonna mail you the money right I’m dealing with me let me see me praise as a male domi that is so crazy are you excited how are you feeling photo advanced ibiza Cassie yeah the view by mail or in addition to yeah that’s what people like what now my sea legs me that’s how they’re always playing it roupen I guess you did those play there yes care of you yeah it’s my men all right yes sir it wasn’t say birthday walter llegara know they imagine ding dong hey mister I’m worried enough no no more there was only three the guy gave my mom tree fun little be true oh yeah the amount that doesn’t say in straight line there are you Carly yeah okay you don’t care if I recording I would you play are you look so solos yeah I maybe not the Betty is going for sure i’ll be like oh my gosh sure tense thomason young woman all of them but it’s okay this isn’t a conviction I know your friends are gonna be so jealous haha and my mom doesn’t even prayed until she got like yeah but this shows under you yeah this is yeah you should bring him up I’m this very good what are you gonna do I’m sure you eat don’t see if I’ll be badass a to tease you countless and we were just talking about money to say what they go if i win the lottery or no for teaching know you better huh little big that’d be fun huh thanking me Wow Nicholas huh okay pregame nervous you get me by something busy dimmer monkey money yeah I know about two dollars yeah boy let’s get something first though the other fact not a suit oh but there’s not a ticket is a yeah yeah Oh Who am I kidding yeah yes sleepy you want to play something though yeah yeah uh huh oh yeah they got all I did happen you have a dark I must manually practice yeah she knows what is ingre yeah you didn’t read the back he was true excited okay really free that is it yes what started that I think spy drama Stevens oh yeah what can I saw Le.Bron thanks thanks a lot you. .

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