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come on Benjy five grand a dream out five five five no fucking way no way oh shit don’t tell me you got more blank heads I’m fine now all right we’re joining sharper Burnie another video today we’re going to be going to the ball I might be buying new shoes anything it might be looking into buying some sort of watch you know I’m trying to kind of grow up here and I feel like a watch like you know mother show you just speaks per se the watch I bought in third grade okay I’m not talking like some third grade shit I’m not talking like some like four I was in the cars I go what’s it good like my mom and took good what’s like a good man watch like an affordable in character a Rolex look am I I guess you went around with the bar mitzva your Bar Mitzvah would be in third grade because I was destined to die and forth but I made it out before we go before we give this video I want to know did you guys want us to like um like tie up those security guards yesterday so what you guys wanted to see because a lot of people kind of understood it wow you guys alright we couldn’t get into the mental hospital it’s fine but other people are like wow I didn’t go inside what the fuck why even upload this first of all uploaded because I drove two and a half hours to fucking to get there if you think I’m just driving two and half hours and not vlogging not uploading it you lost your goddamn mind second of all uh it was still cool like going around the outside of it people were tweeting me like he wouldn’t done anything fat dinging so everyone said that his friend literally got a boot put on his car his car was towed II had to pay like hundreds of dollars to get dishes I’m not sure I wasn’t trying to do that shit as soon as we go in there that guy was going to call the cops look at me I’m not built to run from the cops ain’t that’s not my life you think Rogers running from the cops Roger would look like wall e tonight the other day I thought Roger the saint until he’s got a few crazy things that I wanting to jump to the fireworks he went to crazy what did you did the other he did something like I just did my horizons and he’s getting rebellious he doesn’t have a door he’s going fucking crazy you think he can do it every once I could see him run from the cops now before and say no now yes awesome all around you’re smoking crack in his bathroom in today Jesus Roger yes top oh they’re just it’s heightened security at all times down he went he lives in it like literally in that town and he said he went back there and you know at night and he said that there were cops there they were they were security they’re like they’re just there there plus I’m not driving another two and a half hours just to roll up there and be like oh well fuck failed again cuz then I got to drop to that powers bag and then I get 11 miles per gallon so yeah that’s pretty much where we’re at who’s that it who our friend FISA join us friend what do you mean make it seem like I’m never here girlfriend again usually you put rocks by on it where were you know plus side Rockford you didn’t come get it usually you just know first of all and then someone jewelry so boy hey there’s a gasps ooh it was hard was nothing special antenna bottle off starter watch tell me these aren’t the Joey Garcia tell me there are some peeps oh you’re like the Ricky I’m pretty inform in the ones you got there Deena’s vertically full story are you telling me to get these understand nothing good I would win but let’s kill this is it how much are there there’s a hunter buckers under means y’all I’ve been winning wagers 13 cents on the end of this Oh luli goes got my video claimed it’s looking flow we’re in our hands with bigger better version please there’s a little slip on the hospital yes oh don’t Marvin legit Lapointe dirty dishonest reason would insist all ourself they heard some people another 900 cascade Oh Adam to the collections would wear if I had a sister really come on told ya I thought he had assisted only purchase that was made of a bar or watch all right only purchase only purchase it was made on mana watch I went to multiple different shoe stores they didn’t have shit we did need food and with those clutch plays um there were quite a few people that knew this in there okay there’s two people in to us in there actually three ah and this one two just looked at it and said Tiki turnarounds I said TK no like yeah what a man and then by the time we got like across that like upper walkway like yelled across like are you sharp you’re in the shoe store and some girl looked at me and said can you raise one eyebrow not dead it fur and then walked off and insane and pinkos Mysterio well they’re like fourteen they were talking about you with the guatrau was not for they really fortunate I think she wasn’t suck the salt off my eyebrow do you have salty eyebrows always should we go to the outside wall by the way a lot of you guys are saying to do a to do a video where I Drive around and blast music in public areas because you guys seem to like the fireflies like here’s the thing that is the only really lay public area I know where you can just drive around people are outside is that mall and like it was funny to just go around one time some people are upset somebody were laughing but if I was to go around multiple times playing multiple different songs like you know get to the point where it just wouldn’t be funny and it would kind of be annoying so I mean if there are more public hearing I than I do out where I get to drive around people just cooling it outside then I would I’ll be down but I just don’t think that’s the thing I’m not display oh yeah I don’t make money on I do for free tell us it again maybe I’m just gonna give you guys a nice commentary while I’m back here get the fuck on the streets Bonzo now have a shoe store here nice ass place no shoes that what the fuck were you wearing dogs this kind of your brother that is the Prince of Persia holy shit who’s here who does not hate though it stays right here I love you that’s not favoring one side the Tower of Terror dude that cross poodle zipper kids I am behind anything apparently y’all have a shoe store yo picado burger that’s repair dingus it tells about incest legend spoken Rosie saw dua we just ate we’re not going to picado birth why are you getting all close because you’re not speaking you’re not projecting your voice louder check oh my god what I’m saying is we just drove around there and there was definitely towards the window there was absolutely we all went up in huh exactly there was no shoe stores to be found so um yeah we’re not getting out there and what are you guys gonna do now I’m asked about loitering fucking tickets young away lottery fucking tonight sir of lottery tickets movie tickets let’s fuck please baby good did you enjoy fucking rooms close okay you think now I have a watch I have to I should drive like this you’re changing the game just like how I did you’re reading watches in 2017 that’s uncanny so Remo much I know you’re going to set this to the right time fuck that shit my god how edgy is this guy I’m out of here this is gonna be my last I play the lottery what up guys we’re yelling it’ll be like I did like play it like yeah in your face yes guys give me the last time we just lottery I’m gonna buy a couple tickets and everyone’s gonna scratch him off how do people do it yeah I don’t fuck with the gamble light Cinnabon but I meant like I gotta have my boy help me no my boy that’s cut them off ha said goofy goober motherfucking goddamn any carboys the last three tickets here’s what helped me I don’t have a fucking problem so in addition I don’t have a problem you have a problem he’s out here with a dad hat you wait fuck bro you you say that this is visitation I had a dad eat you thank you he said you Stu he’s daddy yet and I’m daddy oh fuck and I’m daddy away boy oh you’re scratching is you addicted motherfucker no we’re going to do it as a squad my I’m doing the fucking five all right first door will hit was jolly go one had time some and guy we shit don’t fish take it take a look let me know how any what no gambling problem party there was a dollar another I do this good you just grateful they met Jose wait specialist let me get overhead my nuts are on your neck it’s ok good ok then you win turned you three bottles you thought of you Walton as your silver she sits there like a winning number no in describes well if you measure hope you know I’m really looking you might actually wit I might actually if you scratch off anything I win it you fucking about it should I’ve never seen yeah I got $25 I got but I guess I thought yeah you go that’s real so like gotta get to more 25 anymore popped out what I wanted to more why do you scratch so slow when you talk too much fuck you come up I got 10 I got the Titan so like it’s gonna be a different mom tenderloins like an fucking that shit oh shit oh fuck oh thank you 5000 but how many do you need if you need three if that last one the 5,000 you splitting this you what do you need without a paper shopper you your daughter no anyone what what what what you’re lying you’re lying ha ha ha what are they really three you’re not lucky Oh $5,000 fuck you to matter if you clean this shit this guy’s lucky is fuckin actually a curing by yo you want I’ll give you like $1,000 little dick Tidrow Jesus Christ I’m gonna fuck your chest in you shake it wait a higher honor to warm us we send by mail to the money fairy 1 2 3 nowhere drive and make believe land weightless now that only looks good without it only in your dreams any resemblance to a real or implant or on a ticket makes it fun this ticket is for entertainment purposes only you ain’t lucky bitch where you try to you prank you freeze it when you guys say 1 2 3 drive you said Oh what oh no it’s alright oh you ain’t lucky boy bluesy Jocasta back come back and back and back can that you’re part of why you mother fuck you’re doing this shit to me every time every fucking time the lottery bullshit why would I talk about this shit everybody’s gonna would you come back oh well hey okay we’re in thing I got more just one with 10,000 wait wait what are you doing it just the fucking crane yeah controlled way okay if you do this but someone else in the house will be like spit fuck you young lady scratch this you can enjoy seem to think I have it a day to do scratching off your fan tone allowed what let three like amounts win that amount I need a quarter but nothing well there’s three tink is out here no way what well you think I don’t know what a fake lottery ticket I felt like it feels different and everything motherfucker he has a dick haha what the fuck oh so many others may think I have a lottery scratch off of me can you do this it’s bad you just been scratching lottery ticket also I mean I understand bought a lottery ticket when I go to the store buy yeah they’re fun to do is like two dollars for one enjoyed it I got $5.00 one okay that was a loser Carol yes but that was a dollars a dollar yours a dollar as well I think yours is like you have to just match okay like if you match like two five Billy if you get three five dollars then you win five dollars if you get three $10 run ten dollar twenty five only three twenty five Tindall oh listen does she does what hello you’re not wait ten thousand dollars from the rule honey another ten thousand there’s no way you would this is a fake one fuck you guys warts no this isn’t wrong I don’t believe you one bit nope I’ll slide in this $10,000 I dislike more than what you just want people praised bug infested not just what 2010 no I hate you guys would you fuck around with money so why break I mean you don’t what hey results but I just plain fucking shit with you Cavs why are you the only one to fall for this yes okay okay I’ll fucking you so long solid scratching and it’s literally impossible you see the one she gave me with 5,000 sounds a little bit more dancing it’s an taro time Hamtaro bigoted little Hansard big adventures you never seen Santara what I think so fucking get crunk yeah I was like that’s a hamster oh my god look a dragon your whiskers oh yeah oh you being you have a big okay okay okay he’s suicidal how fast are their heart rates fast we’re sharing this bond right now specific three tickets I’m screwed I’m a big boy you make your money back $5 a pop no pop punk to send for a sandbox we out here boy right the Comets dice how much no he’s got a met one number one number by what you’re wanting number for $10 oh shit yeah if you got look like this hits this one will mediate this one want me if you’re fucking lucky I feel like I’m next come on ohms so how do you did you know the specs are free right Oh max three amounts with or dakini scratch off I think if there’s three of us met so I got five and then ten fifteen I’m fucking slow I’m on the kool aid Benji five grands a dream out five five five no fucking way no way oh shit veggies what party holy shit what we be more about the 55 your food with Lola hey hey hey again this is we become reacting fairly these scratch those two I think if you’ve matched I think we just won five grand we’ll keep you yeah I’m fine Roger adores yeah I’m by Roger door okay he’s on the holiday party ah keep with scratch there’s no wait one second topped it my phone right how they can control the Hadji just when it is 1 5 G’s all this shit bro we have been out of 5 5 5 holy shit yeah we’re going to the gas station today yo Rogers ugh it’s a lotto ticket throw return that one they did a better watch I just started on you said that fuck off none of the five g’s and you won the match let’s time oh yeah ah holy shit 10 bucks Nair five years Oh Ganesha oh you should speak from the Bible ah jeez winning prizes of one five and twenty five and fifty may be claimed wherever the lottery tickets are sold winning tickets of $100 or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy one two three no way Drive in make believe land valid only in your dreams bro fuck you yeah yeah Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger though hold on okay I fell for it as well I gave it to Krispies I gave it to Krispies he scratched it off and his was at ng one he was like oh you’re going to the wrong door yeah he’s gonna be like you act like I don’t know what a fake lottery ticket looks like don’t want a chance like oh you do okay you know that was so perfect the fact that it mind motsek it won five bucks and then Rogers the dollar won the heat scratch off one actually won ten bucks and the cast honestly made you played that well you hit them with that yo yo you lucky dog stretch this one up I feel so bad we guys enjoyed that video if you guys did be sure you were like subscribing you’re not subscribed and yeah yo shout out to crazy Jase on Twitter he actually linked me the Amazon link where I could buy those fake lottery tickets um so I thought I thought that was pretty funny oh we might be doing something tonight I want to say like I’ll have a like a sit down video for you guys tomorrow but I will see matter hit peace. .

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