Winning 35K Lottery Prank! (Hilarious) Video

lottery prank

JDGANG Another Prank 35k Lottery Ticket
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Road To 1Million.

Wow TP I got a prank for y’all today listen I went and bought some fake lottery to issue for me I got my little cousin upstairs he’s a game head so when he seemed money he probably put it into her sister Kay’s out of that pie I thought talking crazy about what you said what you said what day me all nobody talk about but yeah listen I bought the fake lottery ticket she device is about a telling me 110 thousand dollars and we finna get this party you for me let’s get it good latter EU all we just won mm I got like one more in my bag you wanna try it come on the side we get 30k but I don’t believe this I don’t know boy I think I got one more night cream or all three I’m a bigot mr.pence penny but what we need to do with the penny will you do it again oh man I got another one or there it is okay we get Chico hot fudge cake it’s funky that’s like wait how much you in on this one okay bro you kick you know Jesus Christ is awesome yo my man you won $10,000 another ten and a five bro that’s 25 that’s 25 nuts they’ll go through the next two rows I’m not no bow sake in this music no I would better not be bro these better don’t broken if it is somebody got a bottle clean no good how much so much five sheets ooh I got some 5k I have to get lucky and do this one yeah nah you do you do fucking okay I think okay oh okay okay my man’s you did not just with us you did you did not just with us 5k 5 10 20 30 Lexi what that we’ve got go um you win um five thousand to five thousand dollars and I won five right here five you two in a row already boom she just won Miss 30k Rory five now you just go get the pen and start and I’ll get the pen to me to sign these girls what you doing but put your clothes back bones call me put your clothes back on but I’ll get the paint by playing oh he just won this 30k 35 cables yo whoa 35k we have some nuclear scientists I know you one knows the type in just write a tip of quiet climates okay just like Jamie Muro oh another pen but we need another pinnacle you whoa he just 30k a mark and I change the market bro no they need a pen blue Junction yo bro oh this is me yo tell me one more time what you gonna do with this bread roll I mean like I said mind the phone immediately thing I was giving them I think it depends money do you got we gotta get the parents money bro uh huh yeah so I have to be given after they give them their after we give him the bread but what were you gonna do when we doing with the rest of the bread roll cuz I think we’ve got our 35 camera in front oh they tried to bite my that’s a lot of phlegm doing the macro um yes everything normally what 17 what we doing with this money though I feel we have to buy a salut we have to go the closest for you to spend money we can go to genome let’s swing its name you gotta go to the Louis Vuitton store for a combo we got a Gucci do for me we gotta go to the me I’m putting my thing right yeah I’m opening a closet bake bake bake bake everything brother I’m coming to school everything’s almost a different sweater what is different what kind of fake studies you coming is wrong with my pink purple red oh oh name 4 2 Johnston Avenue bro Jo HN stom ever a be a be a breeze Amy jay ar gjqr sty yeah you have to be the smart one oh ha ni before they got a little stock mouth so we person we got a phone person yeah we just want we’re here for today we got you today aren’t get are better but we gon go down sit and check go onward I think we’re done what do you mean onward um very thing I wanna baby i’ma go check so we can go and soon this far this far I’m not a pimp who can’t go please gasps oh man you’re is valid in your dreams bo that means cuz it’s a prank video bro it’s a prank yo you good bro wait but wait but wait but wait you I but you gotta tell me but you gotta tell the camera how salty you are bro everybody just open the door bro bro you never open the door bro why not but I had to get you Bo I had to vote hello bro open the door bro I’m Teddy K 34 $35,000 bro he thought he was thirty five thousand euro i but just just tell the game just just tell the gang house talk to you wanted or just just elegans you to leave my house immediately I got a leave yes Wow do me like that but I had to get you bro I had did you see how excited you was well JD gang up big elbow you never see again gonna say getting us a bite of the game to the gang go bro Oh JD gay listen boy if y’all enjoyed this prank you film cuz he thought he won $35,000 man I’ve seen it he was talking about buying all kinds of crazy stuff with that thirty five thousand dollars before me solicit with that be insanity game if you I enjoyed this prank smash the light point you for me smash to like by cop well comment incoming what pranks I should do next and if you new to the game make sure to hit the subscribe button for me hit the subscribe hit the post on efficacious stay tuned for more tech videos JD can you know reel it in here stay tuned and any game we out I got the last for Justin keeps at the axe for walking this fighting I’m wiping on everything man I wish up a fence for Mike hit the bar telling everything let I did six over six yeah back on the board mean taking on pics look at the flick of the wrist. .

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