What If The Homeless Gave You Money? Video

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I’m legit nervous right now yo sir sir I just want to be a helping hand today god bless God bless I’m just trying to help out me money Russell I can buy you in today’s society it’s socially acceptable for the wealthy to give money to the homeless is it acceptable because it’s one individual helping another or because one individual is better than the other so it’s okay to help today I want to flip the script and see what happens sir no I’m not I don’t need your money I’m trying to give you money I’m just trying to help out today here you go look I need your money got it here wait wait sir sir I’m just trying to help you out today I don’t need a missile I know you’re I know you’re in a rush no no no I’m not trying to ask for cash I’m trying to give you cash look I’m broke as it is and the only way for me to feel rich in this world is by giving what I can so here you go I want to lend a helping hand you know work and make me feel rich for the day thank you excuse me excuse me excuse me I want to give this back to you but I want to thank you so much for that you’re on camera right now and I just want to thank you um I’m not trying to see who would give me your money or who would not but I’m just showing that the only thing we have in this world is to give to others so thank you so much for that kind of god bless okay well here here buy yourself something nice today you can be funny how about I help you out today looks like you need it saw yeah you’re gonna take my money then call me a break sir sir like my son says no one has ever gotten poor by giving and I have all that I need in life so I want to get back god bless looks all you have it yeah god bless sure yeah have a good day what have a lucky so much whatever luck you’re gonna give me that yeah oh that didn’t just go so positive Thank You Man should I offer to pay the meter sir sorry sir before you pay your meter oh no I’m good man thank you no look at my senses no one has ever gotten poor from giving and I just wanna get back to you oh okay well let me give you something you see that that’s a Benz you gotta earn your way up pal that was the most pretentious thing I’ve heard today and I’ve been doing this all day c class nice ro yo how much money you got in your heart sounds like you’re pretty broke okay okay that’s nice bro that’s nice it doesn’t matter how much money wrap doesn’t matter what car you drive it matters how humble you are in your heart and you’re not really humble saying all that all right have a good one bro keep keep walking keep walking what ha ha ha Christian keep recording the Cilicia what’s that what keep walking what’s up keep walking yeah that’s a c clip oh that’s so nice bro how much did you pay for that about fifty thousand oh you got money bro congratulations do need to humble yourself man life isn’t about money bro I’m not even freakin homeless I don’t care what kind of car you drive on care if you have a black card look just keep moving honestly you don’t want it just keep walking I have a good day all right I remember you Oh remember me bro listen you’re not gonna do shit to me so just keep walking says who just keep walking bro says who have a good day all right have a good day have a good day bro have a good day ruin my whole frickin mood we’re done with this video let’s go.


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