We Won The Lottery Prank On My Grandma Gone Wrong!! (We Actually Won) Video

lottery prank


Bringing y’all my first prank on the channel.

Appreciate everybody for a prank you want me to do!

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we’ve got everybody on mission boy this you boy you have Marty man it’s a day bruh way back with another video but hold on we doing the look we doing a little prank today we doing a little prank today bro today I’m gonna be pranking my grandma dog she’s always wanting to win the lottery bro so today they had joints with a lottery last night living Indiana soils like the Powerball whatever do whatever it is who’s your powerball so they did a drawing last night I screenshot at the winning numbers from the lottery and today I’m gonna go buy go buy a ticket with the winning numbers from last night it’s only about ten o’clock right now so hopefully she hasn’t been watching the news or anything like that the local news and being able to see what the numbers were and if like anybody from the city won so hey I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready you ready let’s get it man are y’all so I just got out of the gas station Oh hold on to me I gotta take it these are yesterday’s winning numbers so I’m on my way to my grandma’s house right now oh my god but I cannot wait to see our reaction found skin all right so I just pulled up to my grandma’s house man I’m low key nervous because I don’t know how she’s going to take this once I tell her that it’s a prank I know her heart is gonna be beating so fast and I’m scared for her and just to see what what happens to her but we getting this shit brother we gotta get this shit right somebody came in that door and I called painful brains when I was talking to you in the fuck wait you call me back someone’s wrong with your phone Oh because I was talking at you because you know Brandon lost his wallet he can’t find he don’t even know if he gonna be able get paid tomorrow so Ronnie’s got to pick up my stuff on Tuesday I wanted to borrow a cup of das for you so she cab cab fare back home because she can’t carry any boxes look at this baby let me see a ticket I’m hot weekend or would 32 every number what is the Machine big numbers for you oh my god oh my god oh my god that’s why I say is this real you oh my god running the numbers are straight ball number by itself is a winner the Powerball numbers 25 and that’s the winner right there but you got long the numbers it’s just Oh what are you supposed to do with that you have to go where to believe that the numbers are just so down until then it’s not even real I mean it’s just not real it’s just so oh my god no no no no no no it’s just oh my god you cannot walk out here with that ticket you gotta give it to me lottery ticket last night he got all the numbers Bianca and he got all the numbers Bianca the Powerball number we’re not lying I took my heart beat so fast he got all the numbers oh honey and three million Doug hug them tell them our tale yo man every number on there every day we trying to find out now what do we do last night when he didn’t check it last night he just checked it on my tablet I know oh I got a phone I wouldn’t mystery I quit and went where did it go okay I don’t worry I know where is it what can they do with him yeah yeah I know where Ronnie going with him the payout is 65 million dollars Bianca I was just trying to park fifty dollars for for tomorrow so Ronnie’s don’t go with him cross here Eve nervous been running up and down the stairs and I love this stuff I told him sign the back of that ticket okay all right right she says sign the back of that ticket Hotel go now go now hit that register and everything because you lose that ticket if you gonna be sick we all gonna be sick oh lordy Lordy lordy Lordy lordy Lordy lordy Oh every number hotel in the order that they did it where’d you get it from by my dog the marathon oh lordy Jesus yes and they don’t get about a hundred thousand they have it I know okay that’s crazy come on fuck because he needs to go now okay my tail we don’t have to worry no more no oh my god oh my god oh my god Beyonce lying you’re lying you’re lying I said now oh my god I know Jesus Emerson come on Ronnie let’s roll oh my god what you guys what you guys say to me come on yeah I said Amelia how long not what you say you are not what you guys say to me I don’t wanna say what you gotta say if I said is I March a family what you guys say no would you guys they don’t leave my god that was lowdown and dirty that was close yeah I’ll let you come on.


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