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so I am back with another prank I’m gonna do the arm florida lotto Frank because you got seemed to like the cheating on girlfriend prank Nikki so me and then we went through and pick up some scratch offs and OH for the lottery tickets and I usually win not a lot of money but like fifty dollars the most of every one is two hundred dollars but I did I picked up a florida lottery ticket and i also i photoshopped a picture to make it look like i won so you see 047 1329 3352 focus 0 for 13 2933 whatever yeah so basically what I did was just photoshopped a picture to make it look like you want a lottery when she gets home from work I’m gonna let her know that we want a lot and we’re gonna see how she reacts to that hopefully she doesn’t break up me for this alright so I just sex again and I’m setting a prank up now I won’t focus but as you can see he’s saying oh my god when are you coming home and so we’re gonna wait for her response I’ll be right back so she’s text him back now should be leaving work in 10 minutes all right now I’m on to get the ball rolling let her know I have great news alright so i just told jen that i have great news I told her she’s not gonna believe it she said what is it but I tell her wait till she gets here so the anticipation is through the roof she’s gonna be home in like 30 to 45 minutes but I’m just gonna play the waiting game someone set the cameras up now and then we’ll be back when she gets here all right I’ll show you hmm so you know how we went and bought some scratch on the water ticket got all six numbers oh this is the one about unity yeah 0 yes I mean 47 yeah are you shitting me no this is like the leg isn’t this like millions 4 million that’s not real there’s no way when did they have you what do you mean no that’s not real yes well million yr what do you keep over million there’s no way yes I don’t is this a fake ticket like I don’t did you take these numbers when you want and Gotham or did they just like 30 let’s go right now your birds can’t you pick me wait enough there’s no fucking way four million dollars why aren’t you like on the floor crying right now because I already did my on the floor crying when I first found out four million dollars four million dollars this are you fucking kidding me what do we do it for money golly that’s a joke there’s no way brother buy me a Range Rover I’m so sorry I’m literally gonna call my job right now oh are you like are you kidding me right now there’s all your job I’m literally about to call and quit quit it are you serious yes four million are you kidding me no I’m showing you the lottery numbers right here 47 I just 1329 3352 oh come on oh my god oh my god did you tell anybody no you’re the first person do we tell anybody aah oh my god this is not real there’s no way Jake oh my god it says the for my name right there yeah there’s no way do they like announce this on TV like how does this work it’s my first time actually winning the lotto I’ve one scratch house but we’re gonna be on that show what show fucking show that’s on TV about the people that win the lottery I’m gonna call your job or not you see yes what do I say i won a lottery but so everything in dollars so you’re joking can you just tell me you’re joking or something I’m not stop what four million dollars four million do you know how much stress that takes off of our shoulders yes oh you better have been how did that happen you didn’t pick these they just keep like they just give you a ticket random numbers I just said I wanted to play water oh my god I’m literally shaking it’s instant no fucking way I have to go time quit your job what quit my job yeah do you wanna tell my mom this is there’s no way what this is fake no it’s not fake it’s a real lotto ticket hey sherry mm hmm I like are you sure before i go out telling people right now proof right here it’s a real lotto ticket I can’t even like fucking comprehend this right now I’m literally calling them right now I don’t call him a job good howdy about I can’t like I’m are you sure yes wait is that way logical to do yes so most people do wait wait wait don’t call your job are you fucking kidding me no it’s fake are you joking I’m not the fake long have photoshop this are you fucking kidding me no I’m not kidding you it’s fake what did you you photoshopped fake yes you’re joking I’m not you really just did that I really just did that that’s like the most unfunny thing you’ve ever done are you kidding you really did that I really did that you so this is fake this is fake yeah that’s fake lot of tickets real that’s so fucked up is it though yes do you know how fucking excited I just was I was gonna call my job and quit my job shouldn’t you should do that shouldn’t quit your job why not oh my god you really just did that he’ll that’s so fucked up don’t know get off me that’s still mess up all right so I’m gonna go apologize now but make sure you like subscribe comment down below what you want to see next what pranks you want to see next because I can see this channel going into a prank direction is let me know I’m out said I was sorry wow we didn’t win four million dollars now I’m never gonna believe you like any like with anything can’t trust me anything can trust issues how do you get somebody’s hopes up like that tell me was it worth it that’s fucked up I hope you guys fucking enjoyed.


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