We Won The Lottery Prank On Boyfriend!! (He Cried) Video

lottery prank

We won the lottery prank the best prank on our channel

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what’s up what’s up DM mafia showgirl nation Marie and I am back with another video about to get Danny with this we won lottery prank if you don’t know nothing about it it’s three matching numbers on here but it didn’t match in order for us to win so I’m at the goodies reaction on this prank hey Dan come here real quick look at this shit who did you remember we play the foie gras did you ever check it out we might win the whole thing we got the Powerball before we got four we got seven and we got you we play the power play which means you don’t have to be the fool thing how did you win maybe the Powerball that’s a minute on time so therefore we want a million we got 16 and 7 so we won a million a million dollars we got so we’ll just take it right here is a million dollars wait what does it’s right here for we want a million dollars oh my god Thank You God we needed it so bad hey oh my god what he does billionaires billionaires right now right now and will you pay them around you know then about the letter we won lm8 says we want million dollars I gotta see more like it there’s no now mine or was our time under lb turned up on new tools that we want to I’m wearing I’m not stopping you because we want a milli I’m gonna go hard tell you I’m stuck this is amazing oh my god I can’t believe it we want a million dollars Asian stone come on and it’s probably wing because it’s a monday fog light lager ticket come on go hoping it let’s go right now we need to get this money they gonna take taxes I’ll probably do you think this is oh my god came when I was selling you bought before I got to take it out like on the army point equal each other $43 woman you say there was only $2 so I’d pick them to another body sticking wing on we’re not in week one this is phase that’s like God work God working mysterious ways Craig oh my god something’s going on sit ups on table together let’s go let’s go let’s go we got to go somewhere tonight let’s go in let’s go come on why not I can’t oh it is so good okay we can we won we won we all the neighbors right here you say the fourth is Lucy never we want somebody got 460 and we guess in this is the frame using the power wha has to make it can’t be over here you’re adding undo nothing it’s a fucking crank they got all the neighbors probably this and their car you cracking up now at Norwich you’re sending a prank okay you got me that’s a good reaction right Timmy sit down below you already know what it is I don’t know what again don’t you get on with already know what it is you’ve got me a Skoda this cool.


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