We Won The Lottery Prank! (Day 235) Fake Ticket! Video

lottery prank

The powerball hit 700 Million so I thought it would be amazing to prank Rebecca with winning the lottery.

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good morning Slayers today is a very special day not only do I have a collar on but it’s also one of the biggest LOTOS ever this is the second highest lotta that it’s ever gotten it says 700 million we’re gonna try to win some we’re gonna take a chance we’re gonna take a chance and winning a lot it’s a once in a lifetime chance it’s an opportunity to change your life can all start sign that level ticket we’re gonna be rich I ordered some fake a lot of tickets online that will be winners they’re automatic winners with a make Rebecca think that we are purchasing we’re doing like a scratch it just because it’s part of the theme but I’m gonna put some plants in there that will make it look like we’re gonna win it’s having one prank Rebecca on something like this for a while and I think a big bottle ticket would be amazing peanut what are you gonna do with your share Rebecca what are you gonna do with your share the money I’m going to throw a big party before this layers in this day of fear alright so I’m trying to find some fake lotto tickets I ordered some online and I just check out the shipping and they are not ready they’re not gonna come in till tomorrow so it kind of foils my plan because I want to get her to that I was curious if you guys have any fake lottery tickets you guys sold out of it there we go yes yeah we do have think why don’t you do okay fantastic a lot of tickets are purchased Rebecca’s gonna think that we’re doing the scratcher challenge today which we did really well with last time I have to play this off as much as I can because she can see right through my lies every single time okay so in honor of the Powerball this is the second highest power ball in history do you know how big it is it was what seven hundred seven hundred million I spent $40 on lotto tickets if you won that would be insane and when you win uh these are two pennies we’re gonna do some scratchers I went and spent a little bit of money we’re gonna do this Cratchit challenge here so we’re just getting warmed up for the Powerball what does it mean 10x you just won 20 bucks you beat the dealer’s hand what really yeah I do the California black money you got an ace you just won $10,000 what keep all of it cuz okay I guess we have to see how how do you know how do you know you just want in you’ve got it Oh seriously yeah okay we’ll come back to this we have to finish the rest of them but you already won $10,000 yeah okay wait how do I how does it are you sure so no let’s see the last one what you only won one I’m gonna cry what do I do what I do with it you guys like throw a damn p.m. party at your pony I can’t do an expensive expensive I mean but ten thousand is a good start let’s see what else we get maybe we have more with ten thousand and twenty dollars so far oh wait are you sure one thing we really I don’t want to get excited if it’s it says directions if any of your cards beat the dealer’s deck you win the practice and it says you got an ace and they had a eight so that means that you won $10,000 the most I’ve ever won was $600 before we might wait wait go to the and the last one was that did I win you didn’t win that one but this one right here it’s just one on one are you sure yeah it’s not three and three even that you want still so sick $10,000 that’s happened somebody three fives I got it five thousand you wouldn’t $5,000 what the heck are you serious what is going on today crazy what do we do how do you have me send $10,000 prizes a 5,000 and at must be presented two losers RSPO box you have been duped what Debray that’s really me okay we didn’t win the money you won the $20 but we could win the 700 million tonight that’s a really sad joke oh my god I seriously thought I’d won $10,000 that’s so mean alright Rebecca finally forgave me with with the prank and now some supplies we have a pillow to pick up so it turns out that we went to the wrong target we need to go to a different target but we got some shopping done we were back home the dogs getting ready to come out shit worse yet nope we’re seenu’s where’s mom where’s mom oh gosh have some big joke that’s it she’s upstairs on the roof I’ve never seen him get up there that fast holy cow blackjack I heard some noise were you wet like Jack I hurt you oh really what’s with the ground is there food in there just be nice let’s just play can I take these bags Powerball winners are in what a crock how did we not win not even close. .

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