We Won 1.5 Billion Powerball Lottery Jackpot! (Prank) Video

lottery prank

Grims toy Show pranks heel wife claiming to have the winning lottery ticket for the record powerball lottery jackpot of 1.5 billion dollars for 1/13/16 and records her real reaction!

wobb wobb wobb wobb wobb what’s up everybody its brim is the big fat watery loser cuz they just threw the Powerball the record jackpot of 1.6 billion but I did win anything those shifty eyed assholes at the convenience store sold me losing tickets and I’m best I am salty as a pretzel but I gotta make the most of this i DVR’d the news where they reveal the winning numbers and I just seen some asshole on Twitter tweet out a picture I guess he’s like ah with some winning numbers on it but it was clearly photoshopped to fake its fuck but I’m gonna print out that ticket and I’m gonna play back the news and I’m gonna start screaming and yelling like I want and I’m gonna try to trip the deal why into thinking that we want because she didn’t want me to buy a lottery ticket serves her right practice ORS this but better okay so I’m gonna set up the camera right here let’s do this are you coming out they’re gonna draw the winning numbers we’re gonna draw the winning numbers she won’t come out the lotteries being drawn right now hold on wait eight hold on I got eight I got 27 get out here I got the first two wait I got them I got them I got them here for 19 comparables today the Powerball relish holy shit we won wait why my god we won wait what what are we gonna buy you want to move to Florida we will get some are gonna die oh the world oh my go so awesome I’m gonna ride in car what kind of car well if you’re gonna get a new car you got to go down to the junkyard and pick one out for like 10 bucks give this thing its fake hold you fooled you wait it win anything better I just pray that a fake one and the jackpot was like a breakout fake ticket the jackpot was like 20 minutes ago more on this is on DVR there’s photo shops on the internet I printed it out I can’t I got you so good. .

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