Using Fake Money At Walmart Prank (Illegal) Video

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Business Inquiries by Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Ricegum & David Dobrik!.

so we film in the drive through either really let you guys know I’m not filming we’re not helping the cameras off all right so today I want to do a quick experiment I’m going to use this fake hundred orbit shears in my last video that’s this hundred dollar bill right here let me take it out unwrapping here and show you guys that this actually fake obviously it’s made out of actual gold though but it is a counterfeit bill a large you had to go to random store aisle aren’t regular a new person now entity of people with being on murder tribe buying stuff with it I think is illegal and I’m pretty sure cops could be called for this please leave a like for this because I’m doing some crazy stuff right now also subscribe and my windows open and it’s for the late so let’s hit 3,000 likes can I hit can i 3k everyone please leave a like on this video right now and if it passes 3k likes which I don’t think it will that I’ll be insane but yeah let’s go ahead and get started with the flog enough rambling and let’s see what happens I hate my life guys I keep getting pulled over take a daily thing at this point honestly I don’t know what I even did wrong today when you’re driving a Nissan GTR it’s going to attract attention to the paint job is going to attract attention yeah the exhaust is going to attract attention so the way you drive it will attract attention okay um just be aware of all that thank you go take it thank you thank you dude no ticket again lift up yeah I got pulled over around five times and I got 0t alright guys first place we got Mc.Donald’s I’m going to order rustling she called in which excuse Mc. Donald so I this you ready whoa that’s really cool will not work here no no definitely not why not it’s not real really yeah it’s definitely counterfeit you might want to talk to somebody that’s really the only bill I have really Wow all right silly quadrant where you’re talking about 2,000 years later huh okay we might work I mean you can accept this the only bow I have they tell me that they may not have to I knew okay I’m sorry I don’t have anything else all right the Train is coming right there at the very end you can’t see it yet but we’re going to play chicken with the train few jumps off watch and I’m just going to fill my muck of it I’m kind of scared Oh what are you doing I’m flying we have we have we have put up a legit did in front of an employee like it was literally definitely mine stared at me while I was talking about if you have decent tattoo of a yeah just put it in no one else wants to fake it I feel like this is the second end date give it back doesn’t work I mean those are too expensive for him huh he can’t afford that or is it at all check their 300 even having a coma yo dude chill you good damn Tennyson looks fine my fault oh I don’t know dude you each second riding bikes did I are my employer I all 29 I was having some questions of about 12 and if we get a player thank you we have to ask for help through the intercom and we still can’t get help well why’d you throw that David that clearly says do not block okay all right Danny’s first reaction to the rap here we go Oh tickety pick it up put it back in there no wrong way just leave it just leave it the rap actually looks really sick at night can I get a cage the Reno just stock stock I’m sorry lower the quesarito can you please pick up the cake Dorito 3:24 will not work like I can a bank gave me that my bank your bank yeah I mean check it oh here’s my card then how really Feldman’s drive thru either really let me guide you tell me we’re not filling we’re not some the cameras off they look it’s all so you’re not filming right now so never let me see it’s not a good night it’s not and that’s an ones of all guys please I need all of your support please leave a like comment and subscribe check out my other vlogs as well because they are pretty lit as well and thank you for all the support please alight guys and subscribe I really want to hit a million subscribers let’s see if I can hit a million subscribers tomorrow and yeah thanks for watching this was pretty legal and I’m pretty sure I can go to jail for this but luckily I did not so yeah I need as much support as I can get because I want to grow my channel a million subscribers so please thank you for everything and see in tomorrow’s video if you want check out my other vlogs as well. .

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