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lottery prank

Royalty really got me this time but you know ima bounce back twice as hard. I hope everyone enjoys the prank! Speaking of bounce back I posted a video late yesterday and you guys missed the notification so don’t forget to scroll down and watch the sneaker vlog!

you got cardiac brawls and condom in my fucking car what cool kids it’s me royalty and it’s prank time but tonight me and CJ we are going to dinner tonight thank you mother for watching the kids tonight so me and CJ can go to dinner but I’ve been shopping and it is prank time you guys CJ right now is upstairs getting dressed listen to music and ease himself together I’m already dressed waiting for him but I went to the store and I came up with this idea I am going to get CJ back because he tried to rent the house out a little big yeah for a little bit he tried to get me so I’m gonna try to get him tonight what I have done I have went to the store I have briefs and I’ve got 3x kill I got the big side but I’m going to put these under the seat in the car and I am going to put a condom in there and see what CJ’s reaction is going to be when he sees this underneath the seat in the car you know how CJ is he’s probably gonna who knows what so let’s see what he’s gonna do I’m gonna exaggerate the situation a little bit I’m gonna go rub these in the mud outside cuz I know our sprinklers came on so bear with me guys because I am going to go outside alright guys so like I said I’m gonna go outside and I’m gonna rub these underwear in the mud hopefully these sprinklers don’t come on while I’m doing this I’m just gonna try to exaggerate the situation a little bit cuz you know CJ is sometimes oh my god is that a book you’re gonna oh my god it’s I think it’s gonna work oh yeah look at that guys I’m gonna rub some more mud CJ’s gonna flip out when he sees this guys I’m sorry if the light keeps cutting off but uh I think that’s good enough that there’s more money I got the drums didn’t smear it too good but uh you gonna turn these inside out I’m gonna place them under but I got the condom right here I’m gonna put some lotion in it no I’m ready to go all right guys I’m gonna finish setting up a camera in the garage I’m gonna set a camera up downstairs because I don’t know how broad this is gonna go hopefully this doesn’t lead to something that I don’t want it to lead to because CJ find some dirty drawers in his car one utility Oh people when they’re never ready oh she won’t make me think she’s next president of US and Russia look see what I’m talking about man dirty borrows every fucking word every time I’m coming hands are dirty ready whoopee doo that’s me playing them do baby what’s wrong okay first of all I don’t wear tighty whities get over here Hey get over here I don’t wear tiny body so look big man with anybody you recall anything big man drawers tighty whities none of these make you sick to you baby CJ where are those really you asking me what they is CJ royalty really what is that Oh fucking condom are you kidding wait where are your stuff come from royalty are you kidding me right now Oh are we going to eat are we going out to eat or my bucket like literally uh I’m confused whether you need this What’s Up DJ whoo hoo exactly whose job is this is that browser what is this kind of going in here I don’t know CJ I don’t know how they got there well if he I’m beginning to lose like all faith and patience with you right now okay like I don’t want it like this to resolving anything negative but yeah I don’t know where this okay okay a little bit like this you need to get your shit and you need to get out my house cuz this CJ except you are you know this is not an argument this is not argument I’m done what are you talking about surviving here bro this is not even our JJ you got cardiac drawers and condom in my fucking car no you need to get your shaver live like I’m not distressful you go poking yourself and yeah why are you in my car there’s a real condom in there what you need to see is let me let me say already one I don’t tape okay you think it’s a joke I don’t know where I don’t eat you must eat this shit what if I walk but is she man Oh what is this would you like you when they call you Big Poppa looking ass come on lean hey don’t sit on it put some paper down yeah it’s disgusting you are trifling I don’t know who wasn’t there you know rules in the car but you just say to the bar you know something Mikey’s brother go in my keys I’m about to go in by myself why you move out why do I do that you guys can explain can you explain anything you have a retarded boy Rose okay okay you bought drawers from Walmart to drink yeah in economy it’s just clothes look I’m supposed to believe this is a prank because I’m sure do them smelly I smell net okay just because you run a fair it’s a prank CJ okay protein seriously back from puppy hey if there was somebody drove I wanted attention it oh well if it’s a great version where’s your cameras which cameras where’s your camera there’s the camera right there CJ oh really really oh this how you doing it oh you gonna make me drop it oh yeah who’s gonna know did this ain’t no prank this camera ain’t even on behind the lighting oh you try to keep me really so baby you know what guys I got no let me talk let me talk I got him guys you know what I am disappointed in royalty because one she pranked me after telling me let’s go out to eat I gone now you gonna give me ready now my stomach growling I’m hungry and I still don’t really know what’s going on I’m at the end of this video just to make sure it was really embrace I don’t really know but guys if you actually have fun watching me get pranked with the doodle draw a condom that you can’t do manly but like on a video if you actually feel sorry for your boy do you know what I need you to let me know in conversation let me know how you feel this I just hit the glass right there sup we might should I take notes you have to eat after there guys don’t have to do now should she move out after that prank guys now let me know how you guys feel now we’re gonna watch see and talk about this page you.


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