Underage Gambling (Social Experiment) Video

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what’s up guys and girls I’m here today on my buddy Mike and in New York State you need to be at least 18 years or older to purchase a lottery ticket so today we’re going to see if Mike can acquire a lottery ticket under 8 it’s the underage lottery ticket social experiment let’s see what happens Oh I picture when I painted one real honor to scratch off a lottery ticket scratch of you give me I get it which way you want go you change you change muu scratching ah yeah oh boy have money question you win follow it you better break me old habit now you just want one goes here I can assure you no cuz that seconds addicted by the time you get older you get yourself a job all your money’s gonna go on alright I think one you know yo yo look at your mascara as I’m saying it I can do think about nothing you just said right now my young brother chicadini shirt my handsome little boy yeah thank you don’t make it a habit alright thanks but you get Lucy thank you guys for watching as you can see it’s pretty easy for an underage kid to get some lottery tickets you’ve got a bunch right there now we mostly use the lottery vending machines it is the store’s responsibility to keep an eye on these machines to make sure underage kids don’t use them these places fail every spot that we went to fail I hope they don’t sue me now please do this video like share and subscribe I’m Joey salads and thanks for watching all right so we want a dollar yeah did it what gambling is bad my cue.


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