Top 5 Youtube Videos Gone Wrong! (Bank Prank Fail, David Dobrik, Apple Iphone X) Video

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Top 5 YouTube Videos GONE WRONG! (Bank Prank Fail, David Dobrik, Apple iPhone X)
5. TGFbro microwave cemented stuck on head: BigDawsTV FaZe Adapt Bank Prank gone wrong: David Dobrik: Logan Paul Vlogs: Apple engineer fired over iphone 10 / x youtube video: Song: ProleteR – Faidherbe Square
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they have one deceased ranked rave here and in today’s video when it be gone through the top five videos that went horribly wrong and all these just took a complete and total term for the worst rs did something really stupid or got in trouble or I just you know had some bad luck but before in this video if you guys have ever done something really crazy stupid or had something go wrong in your life that makes you like on this video and of course comment down below and tell me the thing that’s gotten the most wrong in your life ugh god it’s gonna be quite quite the comment section and if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the channels that will really help out but let’s go to getting this top five and then applies well we’re stof with one of the dumbest and just absolutely greatest things that i’ve ever seen in my entire life but this one comes from TGIF bro and this came out just yesterday they uploaded a video called I cemented my head in a microwave and emergency services came so they literally poured cement in a microwave put their head in it and waited for it to dry and emergency services had to come and rescue him because he almost died from this we’re gonna eat sir the oxygen shoe lucky Buffon it’s time to go in please do not try this yourself like please don’t try this that’s so much broke you facing the wrong way now what yeah he’s breathing and so he has to heat up my courage stuck to his head I know this sounds like a prank call BAE was trying to film a video my friend was trying to do a stunt with a microwave where he basically put plaster inside the microwave and then stuck his head in there and now we can’t get it off he’s got a breathing tube yes so the microwave is stuck to his head with the plaster in there and it’s basically expanding and kind of crushing you that response is the fastest thing over the hood and after a very long process of doing this they finally got me out and I’ve never appreciated life so much but entra for this ones while this is a prank that went horribly wrong and had a bunch of big rs in it to the bigger ones were big DAWs TV and faze adapt and they weren’t a fan together and they all had ski masks on and they would act like they were gonna go and rob a bank like joke about it with pedestrians and stuff like that on the sidewalk or in parking lots and it’s just kind of like a funny little joke that they were trying to pull on one of the pedestrians took it really seriously not when they were talking to the people but afterwards called 9 1 1 called the bank the bank got shut down and a bunch of cop cars came after bigdhaas face adapt and the guys in the van and this is a wildest part they got pulled over and there was like cops with m16s and really big guns and it was just insane all right big dots you got to get us out of this one I got it I got it don’t fuck around this guy’s an m16 No throw this seven or eight not pointing everybody all right I’m clear on this side look him up boys he’s come plug bedroom Patrice one comes from david dobrik and some of his friends and there was like a little prank going on or something like that like this one guy was gonna beat up by a bunch of other guys in this parking lot it wasn’t really wasn’t actually getting beat up but it was a joke thing that was being played here’s the thing though there was a cop that was driving past this parking lot on the street and he saw this happening so if you’re a cop you’re obviously thinking oh shit this guy’s getting beat to shit in this parking lot better go do something about it so he pulled in and was super serious and held these guys for like 20 minutes before things got figured out but that cop he was really really pissed off about the entire situation when introduced one comes from Logan Paul vlogs and back in September he was in Rome Italy and he had his drone with them and some friends with him and they were flying the drone getting some shots for the video it’s just the typical stuff you know except a couple guys went and took the drone they were like military police or something because apparently you’re not supposed to fly the drone there because for some reason right there it’s like a big no no area some shit like that I don’t know but he ended up getting arrested after he went and talked to the guys who took their drone and had to get taken to the police station and shit I do not see the drunk yo we gotta go freaking manhunt this drop up day what we got so we just got to talk from Brendan saying I found it ellipsis military has it okay so he’s over there I’m assuming the drone is to the right by the military guys waving me figure what it’s like I just I literally like barely pointed at them and they’re freaking out the last time we have a drone yo yes that’s the drone I mean what’s up G the flyover drone yeah in this area is illegal no way we must arrest you for this okay fine I get it I don’t want any problems I’ll pay whatever you guys need I don’t want to cause problems but I don’t know where the controller is so however I can help you we got our boy back yo but you didn’t get the job back and found the number once why were to end this video off with a bit of a controversial one and this involves Apple the i.Phone 10 that just recently came out an engineer at Apple and his daughter now here’s the basics of what happened his daughter was a r she uploaded vlogs and things like that she didn’t have a huge fanbase only like 10,000 or so subscribers but she went to work with her dad the engineer and he showed off some of the features and stuff of the i. Phone 10 on video for her channel before it was released and stuff so obviously Apple got super pissed off of this because this video on this girl’s channel even though she only had ten thousand subscribers ended up getting on the trending page got millions of views when mega viral so Apple obviously was not very happy and they ended up firing her dad the engineer you know I’ve covered Apple for about ten years now and one thing you quickly learn is that the company is very strict when it comes to cameras on campus so it was very surprising to see the vlogger stroll onto the campus with this a large DSLR camera with an external microphone handheld in plain view feeling good today work Amelia Peterson a vlogger and her dad Apple engineer Ken Bower my dad the Apple man we’re in good spirits as they walked onto the Apple campus at infinite loop in Cupertino last week Petersen records the check in and badging process and the family heads to the company cafeteria we’re like a proud papa Bauer tries out Apple pay on his new i. Phone 10 a feature that he worked on did you get it I did Bauer then hands the phone over to his daughter who tries out some of the new features in the process she apparently exposed some sensitive information in an email subject line when she pulled down the notifications Peterson posted the video october 21st and in two days it became one of ‘s top 10 trending videos even beating out a clip from Ellen Apple asked Peterson to remove the video which she did the company later fired Bauer an engineer who had worked there for four years those are the clips of each video I hope you guys did enjoy it if you did make sure you feel like on this video if we can break 10,000 likes that will be insanely awesome I really appreciate that and also make sure to comment down below and tell me which one of these clips is your favorite that’s one of these videos gone wrong with the most horribly wrong and all that kind of stuff and if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the channel cuz that would really help out and if you want to see you in the video can’t fucking talk right now if you want to see another video kind of similar to this one make sure you go and check out my last video is the top 5 funniest moments on live TV so like news bloopers and people doing some crazy shit during interviews and stuff I’ll leave a link to that down in the description if you guys want to go check that one now but that’s pretty much it for this one guys hope you enjoyed see you later cheb anguishes. .

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